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It's been a whole three-and-a-half weeks since the royals announced that there was a crown fetus cooking inside Kate Middleton. Now, finally, Britain's bluebloods have provided us with some fresh stuff to gossip about: Christmas church hats.

Now, that may sound boring, but only if you don't know your fashion history. As we first learned at Kate's wedding to Prince William, nobody does a fascinator like a British royal. And this season's holiday hat parade gave us more than enough to giggle at.

Think we're wrong? Well, we're not, because look at Princess Eugenie's cap from last year. She countered her cousin-in-law Autumn Phillips' Anna Karenina tribute with a pink cabbage flower against a mouthwatering mountain of leftover canned cranberry sauce.

Followed by her sister Princess Beatrice, whose royal wedding hat doubled as a lesson in female reproductive organs, she opted for a much safer Christmas hat this year: A forehead beret with matching ribbon crafted from Cher's weave.

Queen Elizabeth II? She always wears the same hat in a different color. Yay for her for smiling.

Speaking of Christmas hats, here's Xtina's!

Kate Middleton wore a cranberry pimp fedora to last year's Christmas day service at St Mary Magdalene Church, on the royal estate in Sandringham, Norfolk. That takes a serious pair of royal balls. Bitches better pass that collection plate.

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