CNN's New Year's Eve specials have become the unofficial go-to show for gay men.


Well, for the last few years, mega-friend of the gays Kathy Griffin has joined Anderson Cooper to ring in the New Year from Times Square. The two spend the night giggling like two besties who have a caught a slight buzz from the bubbly. Heck, Lance Bass even joined in three years ago as Cooper's celebrity correspondent in Miami.

However, this year's rainbow-tinted celebration could take on a whole new level of pink-infused humor, because it's the first time Mr. Cooper will be heading up the festivities as an openly gay man.

Or maybe not, says Ms. Griffin.

"I was thinking about that but I don't think so," Griffin told me at the recent Hollywood Reporter Power 100: Women In Entertainment breakfast. "We never really made New Year's about that. But, you know, Anderson will always usually slip in like a 'Don't go there, girl.'

"So it might have that kind of a tone, but I'm not going to like make it about that," she continued. "But also, he knows that I don't know what I'm going to do yet. He knows not to even ask me yet."

Perhaps it's time to book a couple of gals from RuPaul's Drag Race for the show. We're sure the Silver Fox wouldn't mind.

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