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Thanks to a little film about a doomed luxury liner, Leonardo DiCaprio has certainly had a career of titanic proportions.

But if he has one regret, it's that he didn't seek out more work in the wake of the 1997 blockbuster.

"I probably should have done more movies during that time period. I took a solid break," DiCaprio said while promoting his latest project, Django Unchained, on Thursday's Today. "I didn't even understand what a hit was, you know? That movie came out and people were like, 'This movie is doing amazingly well!' and I'm like, 'Good, that's great!'"

But he was quick to note that the success of Titanic "gave me an opportunity, from that point on, to choose the roles I wanted to do."

That includes the part of slave and plantation owner Calvin Candie in Django Unchained, a character DiCaprio says "represented the moral decay of the South."

When the actor is told that costar Jamie Foxx thought DiCaprio was "big timing" him at one point when he didn't acknowledge Foxx while shooting, DiCaprio insists it was nothing personal.

"For me, to get into that mindset, to be that character, that's the way I needed to be on set every day," he said.

Django Unchained is in theaters now.

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