Kate Middleton, Sarah Jessica Parker, Katie Holmes

Indigo/Getty Images, Splash News, X17

Celebrities may pay big bucks to get their hair done, but even the most expensive best stylists armed with the strongest hairspray can't always win against the wind.

Yes, the wind.

Just the other day, Jessica Chastain was added to the list of Mother Nature's hairy casualities when a mighty gust in New York City blew her gorgeous ginger locks up, down and sideways into a swirly mess of unruly tresses.

As disastrous as it may seem, the Zero Dark Thirty star is in very posh company.

Kate Middleton, Sarah Jessica Parker and Katie Holmes are among the other celebs who have found themselves in the eye of the wind.

With that in mind, why not let down your hair and take a peek at our favorite Hollywood, um, airheads.

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