Jason Kennedy was back today, joining Melanie Bromley and Ken Baker at the round table—the latter of whom stirred up a little controversy of his own last night.

Watch the replay to find out what Ken did that has the Twitterverse up in arms…and what it all has to do with Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.

Also, on a more serious note, the nurse involved in the Kate Middleton prank call left three suicide notes and in at least one of them, criticized the hospital staff for the way they treated her following the incident.  Find out what this might mean for the DJs and what recourse her family might have.

Plus, L.A. Reid is leaving The X Factor. But is it to focus on his career or is it because he's feuding with Simon? We read his statement, and he definitely seems focused on someone...or something!

Finally, we wrap up the week with a look at what Kristen Stewart wore over the last seven days—suffice it to say, this segment was very revealing!

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