Dylan McDermott, American Horror Story


Modern Bloody Face is ready to step into the spotlight on American Horror Story: Asylum!

We all know season-one alum Dylan McDermott is returning to the FX hit tonight as the present-day murderer, and we've got scoop on what you can expect from his debut! Hint: It ain't pretty. Plus, there's a juicy face-off coming up on Scandal and some shirtlessness on Pretty Little Liars that'll have you counting down the days until January! We've also got dish on The Walking Dead, Parks and Recreation and more in today's Spoiler Chat!

Tia: Grey's MerDer scoop!
Why don't you come back here in say, an hour to check out an exclusive clip from this week's episode of Grey's featuring Meredith and Derek?

Danielle: Begging for some Scandal scoop!
Prepare for one doozy of a face-off: Mellie vs. Sally Langston! While the fierce matchup won't happen in Thursday's midseason finale, you can definitely expect the two women to butt heads big-time when the ABC drama returns in January.

Rachel: What's the story with Dylan McDermott's character on American Horror Story this season?
Well, we see what he did with Theresa, for starters. It's not pretty. And, oh yeah, we find out exactly what his connection to Briarcliff is. Some of you have guessed it already in the comments section of our AHS recaps. But what's even more interesting is who Lana buddies up with in this week's episode. It's another person who promises to get her out of there, but this time, we actually believe he or she wants to help Lana.

Christine T.: Obsessed with Tom on Parks and Rec. Can you treat yo self by giving me scoop?
Lucky for you, talking about Parks and Recreation is always a treat for us. And we have great Tom scoop! Have you been worried about Tommy's love life? Never fear, he meets someone who is really and truly into him. The catch? She's a bit older than him, and has a problem with dating younger guys. So what does Tom do? Lies about his age, of course. Oh, Tom. When will you ever learn?

Keegan Allen, Pretty Little Liars

Adam Rose/ABC Family

Sammy: Can't wait for Pretty Little Liars to come back! What's going on with Toby?
Dude is E-V-I-L. Like the kind of villain that tries to run people over in a black SUV while wearing all black! Aside from that, Toby is definitely trying to get a paranoid Spencer off the "A" trail and does so by taking off his shirt and getting into a hot tub! Somehow, it doesn't work. (But man, does he look good shirtless!) Also showing off his abs in the midseason premiere? Jason, who seems to be getting pretty close with Mona.

Brody: I'll take some scoop on The Walking Dead!
You thought the midseason finale was crazy? Prepare yourselves for even more madness! "Oh my god, yeah. It gets nuts," Norman Reedus tells us. "Are you kidding? It goes crazy. We can't tell you anything. I feel like AMC is tracking this conversation from a satellite somewhere." As for what he'd like to see for his character, Reedus says, "I'd like to have a dog or find a dog. Just a regular dog, like a Mad Max-looking dingo dog!" Danai Gurira's answer? "Word peace…zombie world peace!"

Sarah: In desperate need of Downton Abbey spoilers, thankyouverymuch!
Y'all better buckle up, because it's going to be a bumpy season for your favorite American, Cora! Not only will Cora kick off the season dealing with some major financial problems, but she will be rocked by something and we're not sure she'll ever recover.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker and Brett Malec

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