Gwen Stefani, Miley Cyrus

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Nothing says Christmas in Hollywood more than taking your clothes off. Then again, nothing says Easter, Hanukkah, Michaelmas, Guy Fawkes Day, Thanksgiving or Samhain Eve in Hollywood like taking something off. Any excuse to walk out of the house without underwear, a bra or a full shirt is always welcome around here.

Witness Gwen Stefani and Miley Cyrus, who both showed off their most valuable assets onstage over the weekend. Stefani flashed her now-legendary abs at the 23rd Annual KROQ Almost Acoustic Christmas.

While Cyrus was hootin' and hollerin' for something called the Christmas Creampies concert at the Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles. Her outfit included giraffe-neck boots—man, now we're sad—and pants that look like they want to eat Cyrus's spleen.

So, whose abs stole the show?

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Whose midriff rocks your world?
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