Special guest Julian McCullough joined Jason Kennedy, Melanie Bromley and Ken Baker in the studio today.

The Australian radio DJs who made the infamous Kate Middleton prank call have finally broken their silence, saying were "shattered" to hear about the suicide of Jacintha Saldanha, the nurse who took their prank call. We have an update about what all this means for their show and how the social media sphere is reacting to their apology.  

Plus, we have a lot of couples news to catch up on—including the fact that Chris BrownKarrueche Tran and Rihanna were all in Paris at the same time! 

Finally, MTV's new show Buckwild, which is set to premiere in January, is already stirring up a lot of controversy. Watch the replay to find out who is trying to stop this show from ever airing.

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