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Breaking news out of Washington D.C.: People be dressing crazy.

What, you thought we had something to say about, like, presidential whatnot? This is Fashion Police, after all.

Yes, technically, the first family was in attendance at the annual Christmas in Washington jamboree over the weekend, but their outfits were nothing compared with that of the entertainment.

Like Demi Lovato, who is shockingly upright and wearing matching clothes. Repeat: The clothes are matching.

Also, she is cold. So cold that she must don a leather jacket bedazzled with Lil Wayne's teeth...on top of a dress encrusted with fairy dust hand-crafted by Gwyneth Paltrow's personally curated house elves.

Honestly, babe, we say this out of love—we have no quarrel with the jacket, but lose the jacket. Lil Wayne needs to eat.


Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Also, PSY wants to kill the Yankees, all making them look at his sweater.

Diana Ross

Kevin Mazur/WireImage

But, finally, you should know that Barack Obama stepped down last night as president. We have a monarchy now, and it's led by Her Royal Highness, Diana Ross. All hail the queen...of tulle.

Want more scary holiday outfits? Look no further than Heidi Klum

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