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Today's Spoiler Chat is jam-packed with juicy scoop on a handful of your favorite TV couples: We've got inside intel on what Neve Campbell's arrival at Seattle Grace means for Meredith and Derek on Grey's Anatomy and Christmas scoop on Glee's Blaine and Kurt straight from Darren Criss! And that's not allwe've also got scoop on Jim and Pam's relationship in The Office's final episodes and what's next for Revenge schemer Ashley now that she and Daniel have split.

Remy in New Orleans: I don't see much scoop on Raising Hope...help!
Obviously, we were waiting for some super good scoop before dropping it on you. "I know that Jimmy and Sabrina have big news coming up," Martha Plimpton tells us. "Big, big news! Good news." Hmmm, we wonder what the good news could be?

Erin S.: Thanks for the Kurt and Blaine Christmas duet! Will that be in the episode?
Yes, "White Christmas" just happens to be a very special moment for Kurt and Blaine in the Christmas episode of Glee. Darren Criss tells us that no matter what happens with Klaine, those two will "still be in each other's lives." Dare to dream, Klaine shippers.

Riley in Boston: I will plot revenge on you if you don't give me Revenge spoilers.
We don't respond well to threats, but because we love the show and want to talk about it, we'll give in. When Daniel sent Ashley away after catching her doing some, ahem, extracurricular activities, he was not kidding. We will not be seeing that girl for a while. "Ashley goes away for a little bit," Ashley Madekwe tells us. "She goes to lick her wounds, but then she's back. Guns blazing!" Uh-oh. Watch out, Hamptons peeps.

Lily: Can you spill anything on Neve Campbell's guest spot on Grey's Anatomy?
Sure can. We were on set while she filmed her second episode (but more on that next week), and while you will certainly see how much her character loves her brother Derek, you'd be surprised to find out that she does not get along with Meredith. Like, at all. And she has a very good reason for butting heads with Derek's wife.

Rainn Wilson, The Office


Tamie in Eldin, Mo.: I'm a little worried about Jim and Pam on The Office. Can you give me scoop on what's next for them?
This has definitely been a different season for our favorite married couple, so we went directly to Jenna Fischer, aka Pam, to get the lowdown on what's coming up. "I don't think I want to say much because the excitement will be in watching how it unfolds. It gets dramatic and there's going to be some surprises," she tells us. "There's going to be some opportunities for each of them to leave Dunder Mifflin and try new things. We'll just have to see how their relationship deals with that."

Sam: Dwight is my favorite TV character. How will his story end on The Office?
Rainn Wilson is hoping for an ending that is worth of a character like Dwight. "I hope Dwight finds true love and happiness and is able to have some nice resolution, too," he says before adding he would want some "angst" and "insanity" along with the love and happiness. As long as he has Mose, we think he'll be just fine.

Steph: Love that Jessica Lange is coming back to American Horror Story for the third season, but is there any chance that my bb Zachary Quinto would be on next season, too?
Chances are good, because Quinto told us that he's loved working on AHS and he's sure that Ryan Murphy is cooking something up. "I haven't talked to Ryan because there's a lot going on his world right now, obviously," he tells us. "But I'm sure I'll connect with him soon to hear what his thoughts are. I've had a blast this season." #BBQ (bring back Quinto!)

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins and Brett Malec

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