Does she just get hotter by the day or what?

Sports Illustrated cover model Kate Upton flaunts her perfect curves and gorgeous face in a video shoot for Vogue Germany's December issue, and also gets pretty flirty with a hot, shirtless man. If that's not enough to entice you to watch it, we don't know what is. 

The black-and-white video, titled "It Had to Be You," features the 20-year-old showing off a variety of fashions while the classic Frank Sinatra hit plays in the background.

We see Upton rolling around on the grass in a frilly dress, sunbathing on an inflatable pool lounge in a white bikini and riding a horse in an all-white ensemble—just to name a few of her looks.

But the real eye-catcher is the moment Kate gets frisky with an unknown, but very nice-looking, gentleman while modeling lingerie on stacks of hay. 

We're serious, go look!

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