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There will be blood!

That's basically the theme of today's Spoiler Chat, which contains juicy spoilers on the identity of present-day Bloody Face on American Horror Story: Asylum and scoop from a Scandal castmember about who shot Fitz on the ABC political drama. Alas, it isn't all gunshots and masks made of human flesh (ewww!), as we've also got scoop on a fan favorite Hart of Dixie pairing, Mona's return to Rosewood High on Pretty Little Liars, Arrow's new nemesis and more in today's Chat...

Liam: Got any Arrow scoop for us?
How about that there's a copycat Arrow running around shooting bad guys?! Yes, Oliver will be on the hunt for his impersonator in episode 9, and by episode's end we'll learn that it's actually someone we know. Dun-dun-dun!

Jeanie: OMG Scandal is amazing! Please tell me Fitz lives!!!!
We chatted with first lady Bellamy Young who tells us next week's episode is all about, "Hashtag who shot Fitz! The hunt will be on for who shot the president!" And don't worry too much about the fate of Fitz, as Young tells us there's plenty of drama still to come for the couple. "There's the aftermath of my sweet husband being shot and my baby coming out in response to some of that," she teases. "And there will always be me trying to pull Fitz's heart back into our life instead of his life with Olivia. I hope. Mellie still has hope!"

Tiff: Please anything on Hart of Dixie!
Forget about Zoe and Wade or Zoe and George or George and….you get the idea. The real love on the show is happening between Wade and George! If you are a fan of their continually blossoming bromance, than episode 15 will surely be a favorite for you. Why? Well, you know the saying, friends who rock together…stay together!

Victoria in Phoenix: There's still over a month to go before Pretty Little Liars returns, and I can't take it anymore—give me some freakin' scoop!
OK, but only because we've already seen the Jan. 8 midseason premiere (not to rub it in or anything)! After seven months of treatment at Radley Sanitarium, Mona's officially released and insisting "She's Better Now," which just so happens to be the title of the episode. The Liars don't exactly welcome  the A-Team-er back to Rosewood High with open arms (can you blame ‘em?), and at one point, Mona actually roams the halls clutching—wait for it--a butcher knife! Not that she's the only scary thing happening at school: Look for one antagonistic character from the past to return as a sub for a teacher on maternity leave, while another turns up as a majorly creepy janitor—but only one of them gets trapped in a deliberately set fire.

Dylan McDermott, American Horror Story


Shannon: I ask every week and I have yet to get picked for spoiler chat. I need Asylum scoop!
Did you figure out that voice on the phone in episode six? It was season-one alum Dylan McDermott, who posted this photo on Twitter, announcing he was modern-day Bloody Face. Creepy, no? And based on a scene in last week's episode, we're starting to think he has a definite connection to Briarcliff.  But we won't know for certain until episode nine. Until then, tell us your theories in the comments!

Keith in Wilmington, N.C.: Does Sons of Anarchy go out with a bang this season?
Most definitely. There are so many game-changers in the finale you'd think it was an episode of Homeland. There's a notable [spoiler], and it will definitely have a ripple effect in the Sons' world. There's also a scene in the episode that is very hard to watch, and we anticipate that it will be talked about for days after the finale. And don't you dare think about missing the last five minutes. Cliffhanger alert!

Lacey: You are my source for awesome Parks and Rec spoilers, so let me have them!
You know how when you watch a scene on Parks and Rec and you thinkf: "Tomorrow morning, I will find a GIF of that moment on the Internet, and I will use it relentlessly for the rest of time." Well, in episode 14, there is a scene involving Ben, Andy and Tom that will be probably be the most GIF'd moment in PRex history. It involves basketball. That's all we're saying for right now so we don't ruin the epicenes.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker & John Boone

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