Doug Hutchison, Courtney Stodden

Courtesy of Araya Diaz/WireImage

Why yes, Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchison are big fans of mixed martial arts (surprise!).

The controversial couple hit the red carpet last night for Muay Thai in America: In Honor of the King, a mixed martial arts sporting event that was televised live on pay-per-view, in Playa Vista, Calif., and in true Stodden-like behavior, the blond bombshell was appropriately dressed in stilettos and a dress with a slit up to there.

"Had a blast at the King of Thailand's 85th bday party here in Hollywood -- Happy birthday!! Xoxoxo," Stodden tweeted, and then followed up on the social media site by sharing a YouTube video, "Arriving at the Hollywood Muay Thai event honoring King Adulyadej's 85th birthday last night xo"

"Courtney Stodden loved the Muay Thai fights. Courtney was so into it as she sat front row ringside with her husband Doug Hutchison," and onlooker tells E! News. "She kept saying how much she loved the sport. Seeing the guys compete with all that testosterone and spiritual focus, made her very excited as a spectator."

Hmmm, interesting.

—Reporting by Marcus Mulick

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