Taylor Momsen, Connor Paolo, Twit Pic


What kind of event would bring both Eric Van Der Woodsen and Jenny Humphrey back to the Upper East Side? The romantic in us says: "why, a Gossip Girl wedding of course! But not just any wedding! A wedding fans have been waiting for since season one!"

Kelly Rutherford took to her Twitter today to post a super cute picture of Taylor Momsen and Connor Paolo, writing: "My kids are grown up!!" And it might just be our over-speculative nature, but they seem to be wearing formal clothes. So based on this photo, and the fact that blurry photos of what appears to be Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester) getting married have been circulating the Internet, we are going to go ahead and assume that perhaps these two return to New York City for a very Gossip Girl wedding!

Welcome back, Eric and Jenny! Thanks for taking time off from naked videos and being all Revenge-y.

It's not far fetched for those two to end up as husband and wife, since the final season trailer had Chuck promising Blair that he was "all in." Maybe those two will finally make it official by the end of Gossip Girl's final season.

Do you want to see the series end in Chuck and Blair exchanging vows? Let's start the debate going in the comments! Play nice.

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