Matt Damon Talks Living Next Door to Best Bud Ben Affleck

Actor tells E! News how lucky he feels to lead his life and explains why this charity event hit close to home
By Alyssa Toomey Sep 19, 2012 8:41 PMTags

"Yeah, it's definitely not the life we had planned for ourselves in that way," Matt says with a smile as he speaks of his life and friendship with Ben. "It's great in a whole different way, like that Garth Brooks song, 'Thank God for Unanswered Prayers.' I never looked up at the sky and asked for this life and I'm very lucky that I got it."

The Good Will Hunting star seems to never have a shortage of humility and appreciation for his lucky life and appeared thrilled to be involved with the Family Reach Foundation. He talks about how eager he was to work with the organization, as the topic hits close to home.

"Our dad's going through it [cancer treatment ] right now, so I think we can just relate to it on a personal level too." Luckily, Matt insists that his father is "really terrific" and "getting phenomenal care up in Boston."

So, the only issue with the celebrity cooking charity celebration?

Matt admits he can't cook! 

"Well, I don't think anyone will actually have to eat what I cook," Damon confesses. "I think they will do a little switcheroo."

Note to all: Make Ben do the cooking at the next neighborhood gathering!