Ryan Gosling, The Notebook, Crazy, Stupid Love

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Dear Ted:
Just saw Crazy Stupid Love this weekend and am still salivating over Ryan Gosling's amazingly hot bod...have to admit I didn't totally get it before but lord have mercy, I'm in. So, have to ask—is RG Hot Bod more like his Notebook character or his character, Jacob, from Crazy Stupid Love? If you tell me he's equal parts both, I'm buying a DVD of every movie he's ever been in. Can you give a hint of his BV? Yum.
—Crazy Stupid Lust

Dear Judge of Character:
Ryan is definitely more like his character in Crazy Stupid Love—think Jacob with a few more quirks. Of course, like Jacob, Ryan totally knows how to charm the ladies, which means using his Notebook role to his advantage. But let's keep the most important thing in mind—he has the same face and incredible, abtastic body no matter what! And, in our opinion, that's the best part. Don't you agree?

Dear Ted:
I know Hollywood loves a comeback, 9 times out of 10, but I don't, which must be because I am wicked and resentful and a witch. The one exception is Kirsten Dunst, who I am rooting for in every way. I heard that she was into some pretty messed-up stuff a while back, but today she's looking and acting amazing. I also feel like she was dealt a super-unlucky hand in the love department, so will you be kind enough to give me an update? Has she redeemed her previous Vicey-ways? What the heck was up with Jake Gyllenhaal, and Tobey Maguire, anyway?
—Miss Millificent

Dear "On the Road" To Success:
Kirsten probably knows better than anyone how nice it is to have support—and the last time she had her own cheer squad was in Bring It On! (Or should we call you an "inspiration leader?") In any case, yes, K has definitely been cleaning up her act and getting her professional life together—she was just in the critically acclaimed Melancholia and later this year, she'll co-star in On the Road with Kristen Stewart. As for her personal life, we only have one piece of advice for Ms. Dunst: Be aggressive. B-E aggressive! Sorry, we had to.

Dear Ted:
You always say that one of the biggest detriments to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart's relationship is that once Twilight is over they won't be together constantly. Well, for the past year or two they have actually only filmed their separate movies when the other is not filming. Kristen wasn't filming while Rob was filming Bel Ami or Cosmopolis and Rob wasn't filming when Kristen filmed On the Road and Snow White & the Huntsman. They were mostly with each other on their respective sets. Do you think this is how they are overcoming the filming separation issue? Or just a coincidence?

Dear Separation Anxiety:
I seriously doubt any of that is a coincidence. And trust, it'll definitely be hard for Rob and Kris to go from being constantly together to constantly working apart (until Breaking Dawn II, of course). But, we stand by what we've always said—these two are determined to go the distance and we fully believe they have what it takes. Now, let's get some photographic evidence of their PDA, puh-lease!

Dear Ted:
Is something else going on between Michelle Williams and Busy Philipps? I understand they are best friends, but the way they were interacting with each other during the Oscars made me wonder if there is a Vice there.

Dear Just Friends:
Don't be ridiculous—Busy and Michelle are just besties! It would be totally crazy to think otherwise. And on a day as big as the Oscars, who doesn't need their best friend around for some support? We don't know about you, T, but we think it's nice to see some real friends in this town!

Dear Ted:
Love your column. Also love Angelina Jolie (sorry, haters). But my entire family gasped when she took the stage at the Oscars. What gives? She is painfully thin, and her once-beautiful figure is scary. Is she sick? Not eating? Makes me sad...Also, I have asked you this before, but any dirt on Gwyneth Paltrow? She bugs!
—Genuinely Worried

Dear Hungry for Answers
We agree, Ang may have been a bit too skinny on the carpet, but gal still looked phenomenal in that black velvet gown. As for the issue at hand? We're still blaming her stick-thin frame on six kids and a globe-trotting ‘tude, but the gal could definitely stand to eat a cheeseburger (or five). As for Gwyneth? Let's just say her record isn't as squeaky clean as the gorgeous white dress she wore to the Oscars last weekend.

Dear Ted:
Jake Gyllenhaal is an A-list movie star, and Source Code did really well. So, why isn't he in any movies? Other guys his age, from Ryan Gosling to Leo DiCaprio, are making a couple of movies per year. I know some stars slow down when they have a young family, but Jake doesn't have that reason, right? He's not been in a relationship for years now (I don't count Taylor Swift). What gives?

Dear the Price for Privacy:
Sorry, K, but Jake's just into his personal time. Don't worry about the sexy dude—just because you haven't seen or heard much about him in public doesn't mean that he doesn't have plenty going on in his private life. Just sayin'.

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