Joan Rivers, Fashion Police

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You really didn't think Joan Rivers was going to let this opportunity pass her by, did you?

The great phenomenon that is Angelina Jolie's right leg continues (now on Pinterest and everywhere else, too), and while hosting E!'s Fashion Police, Rivers commented on the leggy look (which Angie may or may not have stolen from Jennifer Aniston) and even threw the claim out there that it was a prosthetic limb!

Oh, Joan...

"I'm sorry, I always think Angelina is amazing and gorgeous," Joan said. "But she ruined the whole thing for me with that stupid, working the whole prosthetic leg. It's a fake leg! Here, I got it. Here it is. And you can see it's hers because here is the tattoo, ‘Enter'."

She never ceases to go out on a limb for comedy, that Joan.

But on a serious note, Rivers felt that Jolie's posing was unnecessary, "You don't have to [do that] when you've reached the stature she's reached."

Do you agree with Joan's reasoning? Let us know in the comments!

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