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Dear Ted:
I'm happy for Natalie Portman Really I am. But, I can't help but remember in all this buzz about her marrying her baby daddy, what came out when she won for Black Swan? What happened to that woman who played Natalie's double? Do you think Natalie feels bad?

Dear Doesn't Forget:
Let's remember there are two forgotten women in the whole Black Swan scandal—Sarah Lane, Natalie's dancing double who asserted Natalie only did "5 percent" of the ballet work and Isabella Boylston, former girlfriend to Natalie's rumored hubby, Benjamin Millipied. Don't forget Isabella was reportedly blind-sided by his romance with N.P. As for whether Nat feels bad? I highly doubt it—girl's over the moon in love! And as for Isabella and Sarah? Well, they're currently both soloists for the American Ballet Theater, so, hey, at least they still get to shine on their own stages.

Dear Ted:
Watched the Academy Awards; have to say I was a little surprised with Ms. Angelina Jolie. She sort of seemed palpably and uncharacteristically nervous. When the camera came back to her for her second bit she seemed to have collected herself. Given her general moxie, I'm a little surprised. What was your take? Do you agree there was a bit of wavering there at first? Love ya.

Dear What?:
Were you and I watching the same award show, hun? Because I don’t think Angelina was lacking in any confidence that night. Overly confident seemed more like it. Come on, a timid Angelina? Who are we kidding!

Dear Ted:
So there are reports that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart got hot and heavy at a pre-Oscar party, but there aren't any pics of them. Should we call BS?

Dear Rumor Has It:
You shouldn’t be so quick to call total BS, because reports are true. Sort of. The couple was in fact together at a party. I know we’re all going a little crazy with the lack of Robsten, but don’t worry. The couple is still very much on.

Dear Ted:
I need to know your take. What on earth was going on with Angelina Jolie on Oscar night? You haven't really addressed it, but we all saw it: Desperation. Why? She had everything. Fab hair, makeup looking perfect, another black dress (yawn) but still looked gorgeous in it and Oscar nominated man candy on her arm. What was with all the silly and desperate posing? I used to really like her when she seemed so real and was making her own way in the world. All the posing, smug faces, and weird golf claps. It all seems so rehearsed. What was she out to prove? That she's the queen of the world? We already know that! What gives Ted?

Dear Leg-endary Moment:
Okay, so the actress was a little posey on the red carpet, but I’m sure she was just trying show off her gams, err, I mean dress…But I will say she seemed a lot more smiley than usual. Maybe she was just having a really good day, and was determined not to let anything rain on her parade. Positivity. I’m all for it. She deserves it, been through a lot and delivered a damn good movie (In the Land of Bloody and Honey) in the process.

Dear Ted:
Are people blind? How can we possibly think Angelina Jolie looked so wonderful? She looks like a bag of bones. And to think the camera adds ten pounds?

Dear Skinny Bone Jones:
We all know the girl is a skinny-minny these days, but she still looked great on the red carpet. And that dress? Loved it! Though I agree, she could definitely use a little meat on her bones.

Dear Ted:
Lea Michele
was spotted by multiple people on Twitter around Vancouver with Cory Monteith during Oscar weekend. Could the dating rumors be true? And if so, is he already changing her? Cause it doesn't seem like Ms. Michele to skip a red carpet opportunity... 

Dear Gleek Alert:
Several eyewitnesses have claimed to see the couple in action, but I'd like to hear the deets from the alleged couple themselves. We can never be too sure. A lot of people are wondering if this is for real or all for show. But Canada? Is he taking Lea to meet the family already? Guess we'll just have to wait and see. But I don't think we'll be waiting too much longer.

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