Sure, Jim Rash is an Oscar-winning screenwriter of The Descendants. Sure, he's never been anything less than scene-stealingly hilarious on Community. But he'll also probably never escape what's bound to be his lifelong legacy (at least where Google is concerned): it's he who served as the Neil Armstrong of the Angelina Jolie right leg posing phenomenon, not only boldly going where no man (or meme) had yet gone before, but doing it in front of millions at the Academy Awards.

Not that he had any notion of just what, exactly, he'd started at the time.

Rash dropped by E! News today and spilled all on his infamous posing...including whether or not he's felt any Brangelina backlash in the wake of his one-man stance.

Firstly, Jim noted that his sudden pervasiveness has caught him off guard. Particularly as his newfound fame was a result of a split-second decision to mirror Angie's unnatural stance rather than his actual winning of an Oscar.

"I did not expect that to happen," he told E! News of his Internet infamy. "I was like, really? This is what I'm becoming known for?"

He also made clear that his identi-pose was not meant to mock, and that he wasn't looking to "burn" her.

"My argument is, I felt she was owning that....She even chuckled beforehand, so I thought, 'That's a great way for me to sort of own this proud moment.'

"As soon as she got up there, she sort of chuckled and I thought she was sort of like saying, 'Check this out, I'm gonna work this dress.' And she did. So I was like, 'Well, I'm gonna work my tux'…I wish it had a slit down the side, because I have amazing legs."

And Rash had even more to say on the topic.

He said that while he's heard from practically every corner of the world wide web, he has yet to hear from either Brad Pitt or Angelina herself about his onstage pose. Not that he'd have any trouble explaining to them the love behind his antics.

"If they wanted me to come to a pool party and explain that to their face, I would. I hope I have not burned some bridges. I did pass Brad on the way out and nothing happened…he didn't punch me or anything. My face is still perfect."

Right along with that sense of humor of his. And try as either side might to avoid it, there's no getting around the fact that the odd couple is now permanently linked in cyberspace.

"When you Google our names together, we share links. We're linked now…Jimgelina."

A star is born.

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