Ben Flajnik


Urkel dumped The Bachelor. The rest of the new cast of Dancing With the Stars did, too. 

So, how'd Ben Flajnik deal with mass rejection? 

Pretty well, actually.

In the TV ratings, Monday night's The Bachelor was just about even with last week's, and actually put up some of the best numbers of its Nielsen-challenged season among young women and young adults.

This, despite ABC opting to announce DWTS' latest celebrity hoofers on Good Morning America rather than the reality show as has been done in the past.

And while Flajnik could've used the publicity boost, the network obviously wanted it for GMA, which is bearing down on The Today Show in the morning-news race.

Well, if there's one thing the The Bachelor knows, it's how to move on.

Some other TV ratings winners and losers, per the latest numbers and rankings: 

Sacha Baron Cohen, The Help and Billy Crystal: There's been carping that Sunday's Oscars weren't high-rated enough, but the fact they were high-rated at all means nods are owed to Cohen, who made the red carpet a must-see event, The Help, which was a magnet for the show's most-important viewers—women, and Crystal, who still had it even if critics didn't think he still had it

Jimmy Kimmel All the work he put into Movie: The Movie paid off with his biggest audience yet for a post-Oscars show: 5.1 million. 

The Grammys: It's all the buzz again thanks to those headlines touting the fact that this year's show was bigger than this year's Oscars (and every Oscars, in fact, of last 28 years).

Perspective: It took a hit thanks to those Grammys headlines. There's actually no comparison between this year's Oscars and this year's Grammys, which owing to the Whitney Houston story was more of a breaking-news event than an awards show.

The new American Idol The show that's on this season? That show's a Top 10 hit.

The old American Idol: The show that dominated all, and never, ever once got beat by NCIS, The Big Bang Theory, The Voice and Modern Family, much less got beat by them all in one week? That show is a thing of the past.

Smash: It went up, not down, last night, and kept its head well above the 2.0 ratings line in the 18-to-49-year-old demo. Probably its most encouraging showing yet.

Glee: The smashing (sorry) winter finale gave the show a lift: 7.5 million viewers; 3.0 demo rating.

The Walking Dead: It was so big (7 million cable viewers), it was almost bigger than the very tall NBA All-Star Game (7.1 million cable viewers).

Here's a complete look at the TV week's top 10 most-watched broadcast shows:

  1. 84th Annual Academy Awards, 39.3 million viewers
  2. ABC's Oscars arrivals show (Part 3), 24.1 million viewers
  3. NCIS, 19.3 million viewers 
  4. ABC's Oscars arrivals show (Part 2), 16.6 million viewers
  5. The Big Bang Theory, 16.2 million viewers
  6. American Idol (Wednesday), 16.1 million viewers
  7. The Voice, 16 million viewers
  8. American Idol (Thursday), 15.6 million viewers
  9. NCIS: Los Angeles, 15.5 million viewers
  10. Person of Interest, 14.6 million viewers
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