Katy Perry, Interview Cover

Katy Perry? Is that really you under there?

Normally when people say they emerge from a tough breakup a different person, they're speaking figuratively. Not so for Katy Perry, as the former Mrs. Russell Brand is showing off a drastic (and almost unbelievable) new look on the cover of Interview.

Gone is her overall playful veneer, brightly oversaturated makeup (and hair) and jokey fashions. In their place is a black and white sultry-stanced bombshell that even her most die-hard fans will likely have trouble squaring. But trust us, it's her.

Actually, don't trust us. Trust the cover line declaring it's her—without which, we doubt anyone would believe it.

So what was behind the transformation? We'll have to wait until the magazine's out. Though we imagine something along the lines of "take that, Russell" wasn't too far from her mind.

For now, what with those cat eyes, teased hair and sudden appearance of rather angular cheekbones, the consensus seems to be that Katy is one part Amy Winehouse, one part Megan Fox, one part Elizabeth Taylor and all parts smoldering stunner.

Well played, Katy.

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