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Raise your hand (jazz hands?) if you are back on board with Smash!

Last night's episode shimmied the show right back into our good graces, thanks to some stellar performances and heaps o' tension between Ivy (Megan Hilty) and Karen (Katharine McPhee). So who ultimately will win out in the role of Marilyn? Um...what if we told you neither?

Get the scoop on Smash's upcoming plot twist, plus why you absolutely must see tonight's White Collar season finale, the latest on Glee, and some Revenge casting, too...

Maurice: Anything juicy on Smash? This week's episode was much better than last.
Uma Thurman's pregnancy has got to be music to Karen and Ivy's ears! We hear Uma plays a movie star who swoops in to steal the role of Marilyn away from Ivy, but since she's not a series regular, and now, she's gonna be, ya know, with child and all, the role ultimately will go back to either Ivy or Karen. Who you putting your money on?

Eric in San Jose, Calif. White Collar scoop, please! Tell me the finale doesn't end in a cliff-hanger…I can't wait another year for answers!
Have you seen this show? Of course it ends with a cliff-hanger. In fact, Matt Bomer himself teases: "It's the biggest cliff-hanger we've had on this series. I'm still wondering how we're going to write ourselves out of it." Tonight's season ender revolves around people testifying on Neal's (Bomer) behalf in order to make him a free man, and we'll be hearing from everyone, including Neal himself. How does it all end? Neal makes a big decision that will surely affect his entire future, but especially his relationship with Burke (Tim DeKay). It's a can't-miss finale. Take our word.

Lily: Something on Glee, please! Wemma news perhaps?
The Finchel wedding may be postponed due to Quinn's (Dianna Agron) tragic accident, but sounds like Will (Matthew Morrison) and Emma's (Jayma Mays) wedding will be staying on course. Someone is meeting with a wedding planner, and it sure sounds like it's Wemma. May wedding, anyone? Right in time for sweeps?

Joey: Fringe = epic. Any word on new season renewal?
Alas, no news yet, but EP J.H. Wyman offers this small comfort to fans: "If this is the last season I would feel, obviously, incredibly sad because I know how much of the story that we have left to tell and that we would love to tell. But [we also want to] have an ending that would leave people feeling like, 'Wow, I feel sad but satiated—that was definitely worth my four years of investment.'…That's all we're concerned about is to make sure that the fans don't feel like, 'Wait, what? What happened? I've invested four years of my life and I don't get any kind of resolution that makes sense.' And to be 100 percent frank, our partners at Fox would never want to consciously allow that to happen. So everybody knows that Jeff and I are very prepared. We're ready for anything. Hopefully we go on, but it's out of our control."

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Meghan in Bay Shore, N.Y.: Anything juicy coming up for Victoria on Revenge? I love to hate her!
If you consider a new love interest juicy, then yes, things are about to get very juicy for the Hamptons Queen Bee. James Purefoy, who recently landed a killer role in Kevin Williamson's untitled Fox pilot alongside Kevin Bacon, will play "a very long-lost love" of Victoria (Madeleine Stowe), creator Mike Kelley tells us. Through his "artist" character, "you'll learn who she was before she became Victoria Grayson. When she knew James it was before she met Conrad (Henry Czerny)."

ChicaNikki159: No one else has given us Katherine fans scoop about our girl and when she's coming back to Mystic Falls. Help!
Sorry, Vampire Diaries fans who love seeing Nina Dobrev sexy it up as Katherine, but we're told there are currently no plans to bring the vampire vixen back to Mystic Falls anytime soon.

Berrycar: Got any scoop on Once Upon a Time?
Dying to know August's (Eion Bailey) backstory? The show will be giving you the answers you're looking for sooner than you think. "What we saw August doing with putting the pages in the book is kind of the first step in pulling back the onion on who this guy is and what his agenda in Storybrooke is," executive producer Adam Horowitz teases. So did he write the book? Unfortunately, the identity of the fairy-tale book's author is a mystery being shelved for season two.

Whorelips: ANYTHING about PLL big finale and some new clue about who's A?
Something we noticed during our interview with Pretty Little Liars star Ian Harding? Whenever he talked about "A," he would always say "they." Hmmm…could "A" be more than one person? And could Ezra himself be involved? Unlikely, but Harding says it would be "great" if his character had "split personalities" and turned out to be the villain. We agree!

Katienicole: Will we see any of the other girls (Miranda or Charlotte) in the upcoming Carrie Diaries?
Negative! Expect to meet a whole new crew of Carrie's besties in the CW pilot, at least in the very beginning. But don't worry! Like the original group, their conversations focus on love, sex, fashion and more. Plus, you'll be seeing a lot of Carrie's younger sister.

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—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker, Drusilla Moorhouse & Leanne Aguilera

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