Fran Drescher, Uggie, Billy Crystal

Larry Busacca/Getty Images; ZumaPress

Wow, you people have so many questions about last night's Oscars. So. Many. Questions.

Good thing I have exactly that many answers. Here we go:

I am in love with that dog I saw on the Oscars. Where else can I see Uggie?
—Sym, via the inbox

Nintendo has hired the real star of The Artist as an official spokesdog for nintendogs + cats, a pet game for their 3DS.

Want to hear why? Sure you do.

"It's truly our pleasure to work with a star of Uggie's magnitude," Nintendo's Scott Moffitt said in an official announcement.

What was that small Wookiee that Fran Drescher was carrying around at the parties?
—S.J., via the inbox

That is her pocket Pomeranian, Esther.

Is Answer B!tch behind the @AngiesRightLeg Twitter feed?
—Jennifer J, via Twitter

Nope. I wish.

What are people saying about Billy Crystal's blackface? How is he getting away with that?
—Tory N., via the inbox

"People" are criticizing him, and by people we mean a few comedians.

Why were there only two nominees for Best Original Song?
—Moto, via the inbox

For the same reason that there were only nine Best Picture nominees: Nobody thought any of the other songs submitted this year were good enough. And I'm talking about submissions from Elton John, Mary J. Blige and Elvis Costello.

According to the Academy Web site, "Nominations will be determined by an averaged point system of voting using 10, 9.5, 9, 8.5, 8, 7.5, 7, 6.5 or 6. Only those songs receiving an average score of 8.25 or more shall normally be eligible for nomination. There may not be more than five nominations. If no song receives an average score of 8.25 or more, there will be no nominees."

In other words, of all the submission, only songs by Bret McKenzie and Sergio Mendes & Co. were awarded scores of 8.25 or more by qualified Academy voters.

All those people who arrived very early to the Oscars—is that a request from their producers or are they just hungry for coverage?
—Lina, via Facebook

There's a pretty exhaustive organization among the publicists on which clients arrive when, with the biggest clients arriving last.

Did Billy Crystal shine or suck?
—Vanessa G., via the inbox

Nobody seemed to like that guy's performance. Nobody. IndieWire called the performance as "bland as oatmeal," while the Baltimore Sun went with "painful."

But look, everybody! Uggie! So cute.

Does that sketch mean that the Christopher Guest troupe is working on a new movie together?
—Kate L., via the inbox

Yes. There's an untitled mockumentary in the works from the gang behind Best in Show (they did the Wizard of Oz focus group bit), but no solid details.

Why did the Oscars snub Harry Potter? I mean really!
—Jonathan B., via Facebook

Would've been nice, but Oscar really, really doesn't do genre films, darling. At least, not most of the time, which makes Harry Potter the most-snubbed franchise in history.

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