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"It's on," Victoria Gotti said in the opening on tonight's episode of Celebrity Apprentice—and boy, did she mean it!

Gotti had more to say after returning from near-elimination in the the boardroom: "Women will turn on you quicker than a jackrabbit. No problem. In fact, bring it on."

And bring it they did, with most of the women turning on Gotti during a Medieval Times challenge that featured screaming, fighting, a broken finger and James Lipton! Yes, really!

So which team jousted their way to victory? And which celebrity did Donald Trump fire this week? 

Unfortunately for Victoria, she was the celebrity ousted by the Donald. So what led to her demise? 

This week's challenge was to put on a show at Medieval Times with Inside the Actor's Studio host Lipton, who also was a judge. The men's team selected magician Penn Jillette to be the project manager while the women selected comedian Lisa Lampanelli. Missing in action? Adam Corolla as he was hosting a wedding at his house. How convenient!

Lisa, who was very clear about her aversion to being interrupted, decided they should take something current and spoof it: Hence, The Unreal Housewives of CamelotTeresa Guidice, the resident Real Housewives star, was "honored" by the idea. Lisa decided to bestow the tough job of creative director to Victoria, who was not pleased. At all. On the men's side, Penn decides to stage a fight between two men for the love of Twisted Sister rocker Dee Snider in drag. Penn wants to utilize the team's star power by having Clay Aiken sing, Arsenio Hall host the show and George Takei do something Star Trek-ish.

Each team faced their fair share of drama. On the women's side of things, Lisa ran a tight ship and snapped at team members when they interrupted. During rehearsals, Gotti says directing is not her thing and doesn't display the best attitude. In fact, she gets fed up with her team and wants to switch over to the men's side. Cue drama! 

The men's team has its own problems when Snider breaks his finger riding a horse during rehearsals. Actor Lou Ferrigno gets a little too into his sword fight training while Takei has trouble getting his lines right, which messes up the lighting and sound. 

The men's team's decision to go with star power over plot worked in their favor as they won the challenge and received thunderous applause from the audience. The women ended up showing more skin than they originally intended and not even Audrey O'Day's dead-on Snooki impersonation could save their performance or prevent the team from getting catty in the boardroom. 

Lampanelli's P-A-S-S-I-O-N (Lipton loved it!) saved her. In the end it was Gotti's stage-directing mishaps, including her inability to cue a trumpet sound, and threat to quit that had Trump sending her home.

"I've never felt more unneeded or unwanted in my life ever," Gotti says. "What I just witnessed in that Boardroom terribly shocked me."

Were you shocked? Hit the comments and sound off!

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