Gerard Butler


Dear Ted:
Wondering about two potential BV'ers: Adrien Brody and Gerard Butler Saw AB on a commercial last night and he has this cool swagger that made me wonder what he's got hiding beneath that cute smirk. He is not often in the tabs, so either he's clean or crafty. Which is it? As for GB, read he is in rehab. Obviously has some kind of Vice, but has he ever been a feature or supporting player at AT?

Dear Support Gerard:
Firstly, Brody's just been a supporting player, he's not exactly that guy he plays on TV. Secondly, let's give a big hand to Butler for letting people in on the fact that he's trying to better his life and get off drugs. But, in that same vein, I must add that the private reasons Butler didn't elaborate on (apart from turning to drugs for pain management) almost certainly include some reasons behind why he's a Blind Vice star. There's a connection there.

Dear Ted:
Any chance that Lionsgate will have the balls to release Breaking Dawn II as rated R, as it should be? Wouldn't that be a great finale? Let's start the campaign right now!

Dear Ain't Happenin':
As fabulous (and story-appropriate) an idea as that may be, darlin', Lionsgate will give BD II an R-rating when Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart marry and ask Nikki Reed to be Matron of Honor. This is all about business, dear, and a sizeable hunk of the cash-paying audience wouldn't be able to get in with that kind of rating, sorry. But here's hoping against hope—so all of that delicious footage can be used!

Dear Ted:
My rescue Bonkers and I read you every and all day. Poor Bonkers is down in the dumps over the Jackie Bouffant incident. He hopes there isn't trouble with him and his boyfriend, he so wants him to be happy. Thanks.
Asking for Bonkers

Dear Good Heart:
What incident are you talking about? Jackie is having no problem in the love department, I assure you. Mr. Bouffant is quite well taken care—has been for a while now. What are you and that mischievous Bonks insinuating?

Dear Ted:
Greetings from glorious Down Under. I've got it. The gorgeous, geeky, dimpled, slightly off-center Paul Rudd is Toothy Tile. Right?

Dear Aussie Offie:
Nope. Not even that close, really. Except, perhaps, possibly a little on the physical side. And think more cerebral.

Dear Ted:
I don't recall all of the guesses for who Judas Jack-Off is so my guess is George Clooney The clues seem to point to him...serial dater, drop-dead gorgeous, and his last two GFs could be considered almost "gasp" long term.

Dear Detective Gray Hair:
Even though your deductions are all quite impressive (not to mention correct), alas, George is not Judas. George, in the end, has far more finesse than does Judas—apart from being very different men with very different tastes—and not just in women.

Dear Ted:
Nerd is the new sexy and therefore I declare Zachary Levi the sexiest man in Hollywood. He is funny, humble, tall (which for a 6'1" girl like me is übersexy), chic nerdy and kind. Not to mention the fact that he wears chucks with almost everything. Any good tidbits? Even if the tidbits aren't good (because he truly is the person I think he is) I would love them. Please please please!
Mrs Levi in Portland

Dear I'm With Ya:
Ain't he cute? But at least let's call Zach butch nerd, don't you think? He's a pretty athletic guy, not to mention super-quiet about his love life, always a super-masculine quality, I find. On that note, hear Zach's single right now, so maybe there's hope for you, Mrs. L?

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