Justin Timberlake, Jessica Biel

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

After mucho speculation surrounding Jessica Biel and Justin Timberlake's recent engagement (thank gawd Grams spilled the beans!), it seems that the uber-private couple is still staying mum on the deets. Shocker.

But don't think that's stopping sources from getting pretty chatty about all the details, like, who Ms. Biel's eyeing for her dress designer and when exactly the big day's going down.

Sorry J & J, if you two won't talk, ya can't blame us for gettin' curious…

According to Us Weekly, the wedding will take place this summer at a private estate.

Our guess? The much-too-quiet couple will have a small, secret ceremony with no paps allowed.

As for the dress? Us is also claiming Jess has her eye on Monique Lhuillier as her "number one choice" for her gown, which is no surprise since Monique is definitely one of the premiere wedding designers for A-list babes.

But really, we're starting to get a bit annoyed Justin and Jess won't share a few secrets for their fans! After all, the couple is gorgeous together and we just want to see how in-love they truly are!

And as for the ring that Jessica has been much to shy to share?

Well, according to People, Jess finally debuted the engagement ring at a Saturday Night Live after-party in NYC last weekend (the couple was celebrating Justin's stint on SNL) and an Us witness at the party said the ring "wasn't huge" and "looked vintage and might have been custom made."

Hey, since Grandma broke the news, perhaps the ring is a vintage family heirloom?

Consider this a plea to all you sneaky paps...can we puh-lease get a pic of this lovey-dovey, couple, like, stat?!

How do you think Justin and Jess should spend their big day? Sound off below!

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