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Seattle Grace is no stranger to a good scandal, but is Cristina (Sandra Oh) just paranoid that her hubby is cheating? Add that to Adele Webber's (Loretta Devine) Alzheimer's taking a dangerous turn and a coffee shop accident that makes us seriously question our caffeine addiction, and you've got a Grey's Anatomy episode that seriously stressed us out.

Find out what blew up and what went down...


Rejecting Rose Ridge: We've been preparing ourselves for the worst kind of heartache since this storyline was introduced last season, and boy are Adele and Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) delivering. We cried when she almost burned the kitchen down. And we cried when they went to look at Rose Ridge nursing home, where Ellis Grey spent her final days. But really, it's not our fault that this Rose Ridge place is too reminiscent of the home in The Notebook for us to keep the tears at bay.

Honorable Distrust: Cristina didn't spend much time doctoring this week, instead she was stalking the very pretty nurse played by Summer Glau. Are we the only ones with a problem that Summer Glau guested and didn't even open her mouth? What is up with that? Anyway, it's far too easy to pass off Owen's (Kevin McKidd) angry and dismissive behavior towards Cristina as cheating. That would be the least of the Cristina-Owen problems. Is paranoia the second stage of separation? We didn't get definitive answers, but we think we're meant to be just as suspicious as Cristina.

Matchmaking Mark: Things for Mark (Eric Dane) are so black and white sometimes. Jackson (Jesse Williams) is stressed out, so Mark naturally thinks he needs to get laid. Mark's bro-dar (trademark pending) is seriously malfunctioning if he thinks Dr. Pretty Eyes can't find a girl on his own. But of course, just when we thought that pesky Mark-Lexie-Jackson triangle was dead and buried—however we do wonder how their romantic Valentine's dinner went—Mark realizes that Avery is still in love with Lexie (Chyler Leigh). Things are getting very complicated for this trio. Yes, yes we know Mark technically has a girlfriend, Julia. Leave us to our delusions.

Grey's Anatomy, Justin Chambers

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A+ for Alex: We really like seeing Alex (Justin Chambers) in his element, and working on teeny tiny preemies really is his forte. In this episode, he got a chance to be a good doc, give no-nonsense advice and show Lexie the upside of Peds. Now if he could only get his love life on track. Was it just us, or was there a split second flirtation with his intern?


"If I see her crying or bleeding, I'll come after you. Hacker!" —April
"She only goes for the attendings. Next year." —Alex
"But for whatever reason, his daughter's hair is 31 flavors of wrong." —Bailey


And Tigers and Bears. Oh My! Patrick Dempsey tweeted a picture of an upcoming guest star of the feline variety. What could bring lions to Seattle Grace? We have 20 bucks on zoo attack or circus animals on the rampage.

Bad to Worse: So Owen may or may not be cheating, but more importantly, his relationship with Cristina is so severely fractured, even Ellen Pompeo "could very easily see him walking away." We'd guess that only a near-death catastrophe that puts everything into perspective could get these two back on track.

Do you think Owen is cheating on Cristina, or are we all paranoid? Where is this Mark-Lexie-Jackson triangle going? And how cute was Derek taking hairstyling lessons? Hit the comments!

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