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Dear Ted:
I don't think I go back and forth on any Vice more than Judas Jack-Off...and your latest clue has thrown me once again. You said since earning his Vice moniker Judas has dated another Vicer. When JJO made his debut it was because his people set him up with a beard. For some reason I had assumed Judas had been with the same beard since then. Has he? Or has Judas burned through multiple public "girlfriends"?

Dear Dime a Dozen:
Heck no! Jude has had a couple of high-profile chickies do the whole fakey GF thing with him—more than one of which has been a Vice star. Only his most recent beard has lasted long term, though; the past gals were just chalked up to flings.

Dear Ted:
So JJO has dated or is dating a Vicer. Did you give this Vice gal a moniker? I'm curious if JJO is more Nevis Divine than Toothy Tile and likes the girls as much as the boys. You've said he's serious about the beard turned real-live girlfriend but does he still pine for some Dashed Dingle-Dream loving or will any hot dude do?

Dear Kinsey Scale:
Yes, some of the babes have earned monikers. As for your second Q: While Jude may want you to think he's got some bi in him—heck, he even wants himself to think that—those feelings only popped up once he made it big. Before then he was all gay and lovin' it.

Dear Ted:
I'm not sure if I've seen anyone guess this actress for Charlotte "Chuck" Finger-Dingle: Is it Jessica Chastain? She has had an amazing year career-wise and is certainly easy on the eyes. If it's not her, am I close?

Dear Academy-Sized Vice:
Good guess, Mel, but Jess is far away from bein' the correct lady-eatin' Vice star. Charlotte is considerably more edgy than Jessica...but not as Oscar-worthy, if that helps balance the scales.

Dear Ted:
I didn't think that Matt Bomer was ever in the closet; he just didn't talk about his personal life (which I respect). Do you think that the media attention surrounding this "announcement" will hurt his career?

Dear Off the Gaydar:
Totally agree, T. As for his career, Bomer has staked his claim in TV thus far, where coming out seems to be less of a "crisis" (just look at Neil Patrick Harris). But I highly doubt his personal life will make him (and his thong) any less swoon-worthy in Magic Mike.

Dear Ted:
Ian Somerhalder
and Nina Dobrev have spent many of the last few weekends apart according to their Twitter activity. Today Ian tweets about love being evil and differing world views, while Dobrev tweeted a Gotye cover of "Somebody That I Used to Know," a very bitter accounting of a failed relationship! Seems like big time trouble in paradise, no?

Dear Bite Me:
I wouldn't count these two out just yet, but that said, I've long said it's not exactly a paradise. So take that as you will.

Dear Ted:
Could Barbie Sinatra be Dana Delany? Her multiple roles fit but she was in TV before movies and is now back to TV. She had a decidedly different, more hum-drum look when she was a nurse in China Beach, she's played a teacher at least once, and is now a doctor in on-the-bubble Body of Proof.

Dear HK:
You're reading into yesterday's Barbie tidbit wrong. In fact, our Barb's kind of rocked the same look forever now; i.e., Dana is not Ms. Sinatra. Think younger and with a bit more glitzy TV fare.

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