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Color us not surprised there's a bit of a he-said, she-said battle going down between Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston's fam.

‘Cause after Bobby dipped out on Whitney's funeral early Saturday morning, both sides shared a very different version of exactly what happened—with Bobby claiming security couldn't accommodate him and his children while the Houston family attorney insists Brown was well aware of the seating arrangements prior to the ceremony.

So, who's right in this tragic funeral fall-out?

It's a tough call.

And while we wholeheartedly believe Bobby should have been at that funeral, we do find it a bit childish arrangements couldn't be made for B.B. and his kids.

After all, it's not like he brought some fancy posse to the ceremony as reports originally suggested, but instead the dude got major flack for bringing his own children, who are the half-siblings to Bobbi Kristina Brown.

But is Bobby Brown really the victim in this very sad sitch?

We have to wonder how much the long-running family feud came into play and whether members of Whit's fam place a bit of blame on Brown for Houston's untimely passing—even Cissy Houston herself refused to let Bobby speak at the ceremony.

And we also can't ignore Bobbi Kristina's wishes—who, according to the Houston family attorney, did not want to interact with her father during the service.

But while some may hold a grunge against the New Edition singer, sources close to the diva insist her death is "not Bobby's fault."

As for our take? It all depends on the exact arrangement Team Brown and Team Houston discussed prior to the ceremony, but regardless we find it entirely heartbreaking not everyone closest to Whitney had the proper chance to say goodbye.

So, since we'll be giving you all lots more deets on Whitney very soon, we had to take a step back and ask for your reactions after the controversial funeral.

Did Brown do the right thing by exiting respectfully? Do you think Houston's family should have been more accommodating? 

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Should Bobby Brown have stayed at Whitney Houston┬┐s funeral?
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