Molly Shannon, Up All Night


What can you possibly do to squeeze more comedy into Up All Night? Just add Saturday Night Live vet Molly Shannon, obviously!

Tonight, Molly respires her role as Nancy, Reagan's (Christina Applegate) less-than-helpful assistant. But this time around she's put in a much different, and possibly more dangerous, position…

"This episode is the birthday party episode, so I won't say what happens, but it's a whole different level of Nancy," she laughs. "I'm actually in [Chris and Reagan's] house taking care of Amy. I've been hired as their nanny, which is ridiculous."

While we can't wait to see just how ridiculous tonight's episode gets (we hear Nancy is looking for some man-candy!), we're actually more excited to see Molly and Up All Night star Will Arnett go toe-to-toe.

"This episode I mostly have scenes with Will Arnett. He's just so funny," she gushes to us. "I love his voice. He's a generous performer, considerate, sweet, funny. And he's fun to improvise with, and we got to do a little bit of that. It was very hard to not start laughing!"

We love Molly's character so much, we couldn't help but ask if she's coming back to Up All Night, maybe as a recurring guest star? Unfortunately, her character's fate is still up in the air, but Molly's open to the idea.

"I'm just happy to have done the two," she says. "Of course I would love to do another one. But it's like, whatever they want for their show. They have a lot of characters to write for."

Memo to the writers: make some room for Nancy in future episodes. Thanks so much.

Up All Night airs tonight on NBC (NBC and E! are both part of the NBCUniversal family).

Would you like to see Molly Shannon as a recurring character? Or is Nancy better in small doses?

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