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Which Glee kids will still be famous when the show ends?
—Corinne Huntley, via Facebook

Now, I cannot predict the fate of Miss Quinn Fabray following her smashing text-and-drive cliffhanger. But the least I can do is help you sort out her off-screen future, as well as that of her fellow cast mates.

According to my research, Dianna Agron is not currently a fave in the Most Likely to Succeed category, but I know who is:

And it's not any of the students!

According to the Q Scores company, which measures the ever-changing recognizability and appeal of celebrities, Matthew Morrison has the highest such rating among the main cast members. That makes him the actor with the most potential, should the show ever die.

(I am not talking about the future of Jane Lynch, who was famous before Glee and will be famous after, as she is eternally fabulous. According to another company, E-Poll Market Research, Lynch has the highest awareness and appeal out of all of 'em, with an E-Score of 88 percent!) 

"Matthew Morrison leads the way with a 28 Positive Q Score, meaning that 28 percent of the population familiar with him say he is 'one of their favorite" personalities'," says Henry Schafer, the company's executive vice president. "He has a very slight edge over Lea Michele and Amber Riley."

Also, unlike Agron, Riley, Mark Salling and Chord Overstreet, Morrison has a major film project in his future: a part in the Cameron Diaz flick What To Expect When You're Expecting.

E-Poll has a second odds-on current favorite: Lea Michele. She ties Morrison in E-Poll data (though she trails on Q Scores).

She also has a splashy upcoming project, as a voice in the movie Dorothy of Oz. There's also chatter about a Spring Awakening movie, but that's far from a done deal. Still, future projects are always a good sign that a celeb's fame isn't fleeting, at least, not right away.

Morrison, Michele and Riley all have above-average Q Scores, Schafer tells me, along with two other Gleeks: Chris Colfer and Salling.

Of those two guys, Colfer's career seems more promising. Like I said, Salling has no other outside projects in the can, while Colfer does, in a big way. Colfer wrote, produced and stars in the upcoming flick Struck by Lightning, due out this year. Enterprise is another sign of future promise: A kid who has hustle will always last longer in this biz.

As for Cory Monteith, Overstreet and Darren Criss, they all have Q Scores closer to average, Schafer tells me. Criss, of course, has a history of success on Broadway that could get him more work if Glee sunsets. He also has two small parts in upcoming films, but nothing as major as the projects attached to Michele, Morrison or Colfer.

Of all of the above cast members, there's one whose career seems the most up in the air: Agron.

According to some polls, she has the lowest appeal among the entire Glee cast, while other data places her near the highest. Maybe she's just the gal we love to hate...while she sings.

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