Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux

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Dear Ted:
Please tell me more about Mr. Justin Theroux! He is absolutely delicious, is pretty darn talented and gives quite an adorable interview. I just saw him breakdance on Ellen and it was wonderful. And are things getting a bit more serious for him and Jennifer Aniston, adopting a dog and all?

Dear This Just-In:
"Getting" serious, Britt? Things have been serious for a long time (consider it another case of happiness after heartbreak)! I'm glad things are together for Jenny; you know as well as I do how much garbage she's put up with in the tabloids. Now she's got a great new guy, a new pooch and who knows what else is to come.  

Dear Ted:
With the release of The Hunger Games right around the corner, it got me thinking about the next installment already! Who do you think should play Finnick? I heard Ryan Gosling's name thrown around but the role doesn't seem like something he would go for. Thoughts? Kisses to Charlie and Margo!


Dear Tryin' for Ryan:
We totally think that Ryan is hot enough to pull off Finnick, but you're right: He probably won't do it. The Hunger Games has pulled off some unexpected casting (we're talking about you, Lenny Kravitz), so we know the role is in good hands…Hmm, maybe Jake Gyllenhaal? He doesn't have a blonde ‘do, but we'd like to see him on the big screen. 

Dear Ted:
Greetings from Australia! My question is why is it that Rob Pattinson has bought a new house (for a few million dollars!), but all the stories are about how he bought it for Kristen Stewart—like she needs anyone to buy her a home! This really annoys me because a lot of articles seem to have a sexist undertone towards K. Why is this?

Dear Girl Power:
Anyone who thinks that Kristen needs Rob to buy her a house (or anything else for that matter!) clearly is delusional. But maybe this bout of medieval crapola is probably a result of too many people confusing the real life R.Pattz and K.Stew with their fictional counterparts, Edward and Bella.  

Dear Ted:
I admit I thought you were bonkers when I saw you touting Tim Tebow as a good choice for Taylor Swift. I thought there was no way in hell she'd be interested in him because he is way too nice a guy for her. However, she has begun following him on Twitter recently. Is it possible she actually sees something in him or is it just an angle she's playing, perhaps in an effort to put her bid in to being Super Bowl half-time act next year? She seems way too intelligent to play the coy maiden that most seem to label her as.
—Swiftly Amazed

Dear Following Her Heart (on Twitter):
We totally agree with you: Taylor is smarter than she gets credit for. Much, actually. But I think it has nothing to do with any Super Bowl performances and more to do with landing an adult relayshsomething that bombed with Jake. Swebow 4eva!

Dear Ted:
I love The Hunger Games and I love Jennifer Lawrence and Liam Hemsworth (not sure about Josh Hutcherson yet). I bet it will be better made than Twilight. That being said, why is THG totally copying Twilight, promotion-wise? Everything from mall tours to trying to pull off Team Peeta vs. Team Gale. I mean I get it: Twilight's promotion was genius for movies made on a $20 budget. But it worked because Rob Pattinson was a hot unknown who showed up at malls and said weird crap left and right. You can't copy that!

Dear Imitation Is the Sincerest Form:
You answered the question already, J: The Twilight promo tour was genius. And it garnered the flick gajillions of dollars. So why not try to strike magic again with a YA franchise that's already getting compared? The cast chemistry should do just fine.

Dear Ted:
It is very upsetting to see Rihanna and Chris Brown working together again, but what is more upsetting is the millions on Twitter who think people are "overreacting." Rihanna is very talented professionally and Chris may be as well, but there are hundreds of other talented people either one could team up with. Of course, those pairings would get the album this kind of attention and that is the most disgusting thing about this whole thing. Both parties must be well aware that this is a publicity stunt. I really thought Ri was better than this.

Dear Publicity Problem:
And the PR seems to be working…maybe just not exactly how Ri thought it would. That said, I've seen tons of people fighting each side of the argument, so there are #TeamBreezy folks. I agree with you, but it will be interesting to see the fallout (if there is any) from this. I suspect there will be.

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