Blind Vice diva

Dear Ted:
My university just went tobacco-free! In celebration, would you give me an update on my favorite new Vicer Barbie Sinatra? Has she dropped her habit yet? Has the network dropped her show...or her? Love ya and keep up the no-smokes habit!

Dear Up in Flames:
Barbie's namesake might be able to pull off multiple careers (Nurse! Teacher! Doctor!), but Ms. Sinatra is having trouble even managing the one gig she's got. And while her boob-tube series hasn't been cancelled yet, it's only a matter of time. As for her habit? The worse her sitch gets, the more she snorts, of course.

Dear Ted:
You mentioned that Judas Jack-Off has dates some notable names. Any of these gals happen to be Vices in their own right? And I'm thinking a while ago.

Dear Gal-Pals Galore:
Yes. But not older than Jude's Vice, so recheck your timeline, Mikey-poo!

Dear Ted:
Since the media outlets did a total "run tell that" over sweet and lovely Matt Bomer thanking his "family" at a recent ceremony is it safe to ask a few questions about the low-key dude? My main question: What is the story behind the ring? Is he married? Committed? Engaged? What?! I just love him and the thought of him in love and happy makes me smile! Add those adorable little boys to the mix and I'm just speechless.

Dear Love is in the Air:
Swoon. It makes me happy too. Plus, it just makes me happy ogling those gorgeous blue eyes of his. But he is very much taken—the DILFy twosome is seriously committed. Definitely one of the more normal couples in this town.

Dear Ted:
I'm a longtime follower and your comment on how similar Nevis Divine and Percy DuBois could be intrigued me. Could they be about the same age (say, within five years)?

Dear Blinds of a Feather:
About that, yeah.

Dear Ted:
I may have missed it, but I haven't seen mention of the notorious Cruella St. Shackles and her shackled-up Marky Sweet-Puss for a while. Seems things are quiet on the home front, but one thing we know from this couple is things are not always how they seem. So…anything brewing between these two?

Dear Tabloids for Two:
The twosome has kept it rather low-key lately…well, by H'wood standards at least. There were some not-so-pleasant rumors swirling for a while, so they're trying to fool everyone into thinking they're so in love. And Marky might just be better at grinning for the paparazzi than Cruella is!

Dear Ted:
Does anyone from the set of True Blood have Vices? If so, please tell.

Dear MIA Mandy:
Where the heck have you been, dollface?! Of course there are vampy Vicers over on the HBO hit. Like Alexander friggin' Skarsgård for one!

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