Bam Margera

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

As Jackass stunts go, this one sounds rather tame.

Even so, Bam Margera ended up spending the night in a New Orleans jail for partying in a pool.

Here's what happened...

Margera, 32, was taken into custody on Monday after going for a spontaneous swim during a Mardi Gras bash.

"I was just swimming in a pool with all my clothes on, and I refused to get out," Margera tells E! News. "I went to jail, but they didn't know what to charge me with."

A spokesman for the New Orleans Police Department said they have no record of the stuntman being arrested, but noted that he could have been issued a summons.

According to Bam however, he was not cited for anything in particular and released the next morning.

"No ticket. They just wanted to f--k with me, drunk Mardi Gras nonsense," he added.

Maybe he should have crashed Will Ferrell's float instead.

—Reporting by Katie Rhames and Michelle Falls

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