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Break out your dainty little hanky and a big ol' bucket, 'cause TV"s about to turn into Sobfest 2012!

A big death is coming to One Tree Hill in what is perhaps the series' most emotional twist to date, plus the Parenthood season finale will leave you cry-hiccupping all the way to fall. And you wanna know the latest on Glee, Army Wives, Bones, The Vampire Diaries, Revenge and more?

Well, dig in...

Imelmooy: Holy bleeping heck I hope y'all let us know that Karofsky's back after hiatus. ANOTHER seven weeks of uncertainty'd just be unkind.
We asked that very same question (without the "holy bleeping heck" part) to Max Adler when we chatted with him about "On My Way," and all he could say was basically if Glee wants him, he'll gladly come back. But so far, there are no plans for Dave Karofsky to return. "I certainly hope [Dave returns], but I don't know," Max tells us. "I have not been told, so [Tuesday's episode] could wrap it up." At least he got a great ending, right?

Randall: Is Dianna Agron gone from Glee?
We spilled what we could in last night's Glee-dux! Check it out.

ChelsitaRae Parenthood. WHOA.
Right? Right?! Stop reading right now if you haven't seen last night's phenomenal episode. But just wait til you see next week's episode, which is...the wedding! They throw it together in only three days. We were on set for it, and it was totally magical (as all Braverman backyard family events should be). Well…Except for Adam and Crosby whose bromance is O.V.E.R. Crosby is gonna oust him as his best man, so it's vicious, y'all. So are the storylines for Sarah and another Braverman female. Prepare to cry. It's a great season finale.

Sarahirwin92: Absolutely addicted to Revenge. Any little tidbits would be greatly appreciated.
Expect a sympathetic 63-year-old woman to come into play in Amanda's (Emily VanCamp) scheme for revenge. You see, she was a corporate secretary who retired, why wouldn't you know it, fifteen years ago! Still, as most people on Revenge have proven, there's more to her than meets the eye.

_Naty_: When will we find out who's gonna die on OTH? I don't know if I'll be able to wait much longer.
It doesn't happen until around episode 10ish, so you need to be a wee bit patient, and it is a two-episode storyline that will ROCK you. It's not so much who dies, but how it happens that is pretty amazing. And selfless. And good.

Monica in Long Beach: Any scoop on what will happen on the new season of Army Wives? So glad it's finally coming back!
Yep, March 4 is the date! And today is your lucky day because star Kim Delaney has this tease for you: "Expect some changes, some new faces at Fort Marshall and some familiar faces to depart. Claudia Joy has some big issues to deal with, it's a great season. We're all having a tremendous time."

NedLane: Ed W. said he's going to Rome this week to shoot a movie. Any chance he'll shoot something for GG while he's there?
Sorry to burst your dreams of Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Blair (Leighton Meester) eating pasta Lady and the Tramp-style in Italy, but a reliable source tells us Mr. Westwick will not be filming any scenes for Gossip Girl while shooting Romeo and Juliet. Mi dispiace!


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@JDale4 OMG... I absolutely can't believe she shot Alaric... please tell me he is alive? Any scoop??
We can't spill whether Alaric is still alive on The Vampire Diaries, but we can tell you that Matt Davis seems to still be in Atlanta, so all hope is not lost!

leriam10: totally #bones deprived! Any info to help me survive till April!! Please!
You mean other than how David Boreanaz wants to be on Downton Abbey? (Yes, this idea is ludicrous but fun.) Well, you know how Booth (Boreanaz) has many, many talents and we are always begging to see more? No? Well, we're going to see him attempt something in an upcoming episode that few are brave enough to try: standup comedy. Why the change in profession? To catch a killer, of course! Who thinks he's going to crash and burn on stage?

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—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins and Tierney Bricker

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