Blind Vice hard drugs cocaine

Dear Ted:
So has Morgan Mayhem landed any big roles recently? If so, has she really changed her ways or does she just have everyone fooled...or at least thinks she does?

Dear Back at Work:
M2 has been trying to land a paycheck lately, I'll say that much, and she's not exactly picky about where it comes from. So she'll take any gig she gets offered—lately, that means more of the less prestigious ones. As for her habits…they're hardly a thing of the past.

Dear Ted:
How can The Hunger Games have no Vicers with Woody Harrelson and Lenny Kravitz in the cast! C'mon dude, you're losing your mojo!

Dear Think Again:
There is a Vice star, but it's not either of the two dudes you name-dropped: think pinker. It's Effie Trinket herself, Elizabeth Banks, pre-H.G. days though. The important thing is that there aren't any juicy secrets between the likes of Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth.

Dear Ted:
Does Tyra Banks have a Vice/moniker? What about her hero, Oprah?

Dear Host Worship:
Oprah does (one of my fave Vices, too). But Tyra just falls short.

Dear Ted:
I wish you'd call out Coco Bop-It under his real name. Although, come to think of it, it probably wouldn't do much good. If he's who I think he is, he's already done worse and had his career miraculously survive. While everyone deserves a second chance, he's well on his 10th or 11th and I for one am done. As for Elizabeth Banks' B.V., I always thought that was an easy one as well—her moniker is almost the same as her name. Right?

Dear Easy Shmeasy:
Wish I could too. I'm beyond over Coco. So let's just move on to Liz: I guess the names have some similarities, but they're not that close. It's not like their initials match up or anything.

Dear Ted:
If Dashed Dingle-Dream's beard ever becomes a household name, do you think the pair will split? I guess I've never understood how beards could just give up their chances at an actual love life to be on the arm of someone slightly more famous.

Dear Dream On:
You have the twosome swapped, Mikey, ‘cause it's Judas Jack-Off who lands the more famous babes. Like his last GF, who actually did become a household name of sorts. And, to some, fame is first priority. Love a distant second…if that.

Dear Ted:
My little Mo-Dog and I want to know: Has the general public ever seen Toothy Tile and Grey Goose's child? Have we been led to believe that he/she is someone else's child? Also, does the child live with T.T. or G.G.? Thanks and big love to your little critters!

Dear Baby Blues:
No and no. And with Toothy, of course.

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