Rihanna, Chris Brown

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Say it ain't so: Chris Brown and Rihanna are officially back together.

Well, musically, that is, but we're still in complete shock the R-rated singer known for her badass ways would actually collaborate with the man who violently assaulted her just three short years ago.

So, now that two remixes have officially hit the web with the formerly court restrained duo belting it out like best buds, we have to ask how you Awful readers are reacting…

‘Cause according to our poll last week, over half of you readers called for a Chris Brown boycott, claiming it's time the dude learned his lesson.

And in light of their recent collaboration, we have to admit, rejecting the new C.B. tunes now means snubbing Rihanna as well.

As for reader reactions? We received a whole slew of comments on our poll, with readers advocating both for and against Mr. Brown:

"What has he done to you? When he served his time and stayed away from Rihanna, you all still had something negative to say! Poor Chris Brown can't catch a break," writes one angry reader in support of Chris.

Another reader shares an entirely different opinion: "I was never a Chris Brown fan so all of this crap makes me like him even less. Yes, he did the time but he does not seem very remorseful. For me, it is his lack of class as much as anything else."

And if that's not enough to make your head spin, consider the lyrics when Chris Brown starts singing on the track:

"Legggo/Girl I wanna f--k you right now (right now)/Been a long time, I've been missing your body."

Well, we'll just stop there. But first we must say: Rihanna, we adore you, we love your music, and we like your badass style.  

But this collabo? It's all too much for us to handle—it dangerously downplays domestic violence and sends the wrong message to millions of young fans.

Sorry RiRi, but we're craving a different kinda birthday cake—one without Chris Brown.

What say you Awful readers?

Awful's Chris Brown & Rihanna Collabo Poll!
Will you listen to their two musical collaborations?
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