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Since we got word that Glee's winter finale was going to be quite the shocker, you've flooded us with questions begging us to reassure you all that [insert favorite couple here] is safe.

Well, we wouldn't dare spoil anything about what will surely be a much-buzzed about episode, but we can (kind of) shed some light on one Glee couple. And, how is Karen (Katharine McPhee) putting her future in jeopardy on Smash? Plus we've got Justified spoilers that fans can't miss and a first look at the new season of Mad Men

Nancy in New York: Can you please tell us if Kurt and Blaine will be ok after next week episode of Glee? We're really worried.
Physically? They're fine. Emotionally? Stay tuned.

Hal: Glee scoop? Maybe what's happening after the finale?
After tonight's shocking episode, the Glee gang will come back after a looong hiatus and go on quite the magical journey. "Magical" being the operative word here.

Shaden Dada: there can never be too much SMASH!!!!! #spoilerchat
Karen (McPhee) is not going to stay in the background for long, metaphorically speaking. And the fact that Ivy (Megan Hilty) is sleeping with Derek (Jack Davenport) will continue to spread throughout those involved with the musical. Combine all that with Nick Jonas playing a smooth-talking child star, and someone's jealousy rears its ugly head at his party, and you've got one of the most high-stake episodes of Smash yet. People are starting to get desperate.

Katy in Orlando: Hart of Dixie scoop!
Guess who's getting a new love interest? No, it's not Wade (Wilson Bethel). We all know he belongs with Zoe (Rachel Bilson), right?! Someone is coming to Bluebell to spark an attraction with…Brick! Yep, Dr. Breeland (Tim Matheson) is finally getting some lovin'. His potential sweetheart is described as a charming and confident southern woman, and she might be around for longer than just a one-night visit. Way to go, Doc!

Mad Men Cast


Kendra: Any scoop on the upcoming season of Mad Men???
Instead of listening to us talk about season five of Mad Men finally premiering, why don't you just peep the new trailer?

nahbeelah: I ask every day and I hope to get an answer! Other than CMM, is there anyone else coming back to One Tree Hill? #spoilerchat
Now wouldn't that ruin the surprise? But we can tell you who's definitely not coming back. Unless One Tree Hill creator Mark Schwahn is lying to everyone and has kept this super, super secret: We're told that Hilarie Burton makes no appearance, outside of being mentioned in passing by other OTH inhabitants. Sorry, Peyton fans.

Amy Poehler

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Sara: Anything on Parks and Rec?
Sounds like the season finale will be all about the results of the election: It's titled "Win, Lose, or Draw." Vote for Knope everybody and let's get her a win, and not a lose or a draw.

RaylanFan: Quarles might be Justified's creepiest big bad yet so I hope he doesn't get killed off soon. Do you have any intel?
Cunning Quarles (Neal McDonough) is staying above ground at least through episode 10, star Timothy Olyphant confirmed, adding, "He becomes a much more interesting, more sick and twisted character." Eek! Could Boyd (Walton Goggins) and Raylan (Olyphant) team up again to kick this carpetbagger out of Harlan County?

BaileyFink: Have you heard any new Justified scoop?
Walton Goggins sure knows how to make a reporter blush. He told us about an upcoming intimate scene for Harlan's resident Bonnie and Clyde couple, Boyd and Ava. Goggins dishes: "We [have] this scene, it's as beautiful and as weird a love scene as I have ever seen on television. And I'm so excited because it's with Joelle Carter. She's fabulous." Awww, true love can be found with your dead husband's brother.

The Spoiler Chat is daily now! Send questions via email to tvdiva@eonline.com or via twitter to @kristindsantos. Check back tomorrow morning for the next installment.

—Additional reporting by Jenna Mullins, Tierney Bricker, Drusilla Moorhouse and Christina Dowling

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