Whitney Houston

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Dear Ted:
I respect the fact that you are not talking about Whitney Houston's Vicey behavior at this time. This is the time to focus on her remarkable talent. But I do hope in the future you will discuss her "hidden from the public" Vice that I think made her turn to drugs. Because she was raised in the church, she may have been ashamed of who she really was. Her real story may help many. Love ya, Ted!
Whit's Fan

Dear Remember Whitney:
I'm in total agreement we need to focus on Whitney's success and the positives in her life before addressing her demons. That being said, even though Whit is not one of our main Vice stars, her Vices will come to light eventually, but her family deserves some peace in this difficult time. Bobbi Kristina should have her mother remembered in a positive manner. After all, Whitney brought so much joy to us all.

Dear Ted:
I was wondering if Debbie Doobie has any sort of vampiric connections?

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Dear Vampy Vice:
No, but that's something we'd love to see. Her, too, probably.

Dear Ted:
I see that Austin Nichols and Sophia Bush have called it quits. Does that mean Austin can start back up with one of our favorite Vicey stars?

Dear From Exes to Vicers:
Not sure exactly who you're talkin' about, but methinks we'll see the duo out and about more. Here's hoping!

Dear Ted:  
Love the Hollywood's Greatest Love Stories gallery. I can't help but notice that two Hollywood power players (and BV Hall of Famers) are not included. Maybe serious BVers are not included in this gallery? Specifically, are Tom Hanks and his wife members of the BV club? I'd like to think they are the real deal. For the record, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward are the best couple ever!

Dear V Day Vicing:
Glad you enjoyed the gallery, doll! And to answer your question: Yes, there are some Vicers who definitely made the cut. Hey, whoever said a love story can't be Vicey, right? But, even though Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson have a Vice-free love story, their rock-solid relaysh was simply a must-have in our gallery, don't you agree?

Dear Ted:
It seems like half of the Vicers are CW alums, so I was wondering if maybe you could let us know one moniker that has graced the CW scene (past or present)? Please?

Dear Viciest Network:
I will tell you The Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl, Supernatural and One Tree Hill have all had multiple Vicers grace the set. What a deliciously Vicey network, no?

Dear Ted:  
I've been reading quite a bit of naughty gossip about Giada De Laurentiis lately. Could she possibly have a Vice moniker in your stash of fun BVs?

Dear Will Vice For Dessert:
A foodie Vice?! Now that's something we can support. But to answer your question, Giada's Vice-free as of the moment, but there has been an awful lot of goss on the gal as of late. Perhaps a future moniker's in the making? Yep, we can smell it already.

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