John Mayer

Michael Caulfield/

John Mayer's fans may be getting antsy for some new music, but their impatience has nothing on his.

Luckily for everyone, the long wait is over as the singer this week teased a 60-second bite of his forthcoming new single, "Shadow Man," his first since undergoing surgery to remove a granuloma on his throat last fall.

"I'm excited to share the first bit of sound from the album," Mayer posted alongside the snippet on his Tumblr page yesterday. "Been looking forward to a post like this since October 14, 2010, the first day I started writing this group of songs. Enjoy."

The group of songs to which he's referring will be on his next album, Born and Raised. There's no word yet on a release date for either the album (apart from the frustratingly vague later this year) or the song, but if fans have made it this long, surely they can hold out just a tiny bit longer?

"Single's ready," Mayer blogged. "Artwork is set…Just a couple more mixes, then mastering. Thanks for waiting."

What do you think of the new single? Was it worth the wait?

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