Dianna Agron, Sebastian Stan

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Dear Ted:  
So how about juicy details on Dianna Agron getting back together with Sebastian Stan? I saw some recent magazine pictures of them kissing on a Valentine's Day date. What's the scoop? This Dianna fan is dying to know how they reunited!

Dear On-Again, Off-Again:
The two were reportedly spotted out on Valentine's Day together, even though rumors swirled the duo split back in December. But since the two babes blamed the break-up on long distance, we wouldn't be surprised if they gave it another go, if their schedules permit. They are super hot together, no? That settles it. Here's to round two!

Dear Ted:
I don't believe it. If Whitney Houston was in such "good shape" and not involved in drugs, she'd still be alive. Nice way to drum up business for their film though, to say she was in good shape so everyone will flock to see it. * insert eye roll here*

Dear We'll Always Love You:
Sorry, Sharon, but I'm not buying your theory. We spoke with Jordin Sparks (Whit's costar in the film Sparkle) a month before Whitney's death. And trust, she gave zero indication that there was any trouble with the pop singer. I firmly believe Whitney was doing better during filming. As for what happened after the flick to send her down a dangerous path? Those are answer we still have to wait for—so tragic, indeed.

Dear Ted:
Do you think Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez will ever get married? I think they will never get married because Justin Is too cute to be married to Selena and Cody Simpson and Selena will be the better couple. Don't you think?

Dear Wedding Bliss for the Biebs?:
Slow down, C! While we do think Selena and Justin are adorable as ever, you must remember the Biebs is only 17 years old. J and S may be young and in love, but don't expect a wedding anytime soon—they're both much to into their individual careers. As for Cody? True, he's a cutie, but I'm a fan of Justin and Selena. Sorry C.

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Dear Ted:
So what does Jake Gyllenhaal think of Sophia Bush and Austin Nichols breaking up?

Dear From Breakup to Bros:
Considering Jake and Austin are always eager to bromance it up, J.G.'s probably not too disappointed that Austin and Sophia have called it quits—but that's only surface stuff. Deep down, Jake's not exactly happy—it's a tough sitch for everybody.

Dear Ted:
Anytime a website has an article on Robert Pattinson they always mention Kristen Stewart. And vice versa. You can never read an article on just one of them. I know that you always say that they are in a committed, monogamous relationship, but do you think that they realize that without the other they each wouldn't be as relevant? Is that why they are staying together? I knew this had to be a PR thing. Robert doesn't seem to be that kind of guy that goes after the type of girl that Kristen is.
Nonsten Believer Since 2008

Dear Nonsten:
What are you talking about? There are plenty of articles singling out Rob and Kris, especially since the Twilight hype has died down (a bit). And with the exception of Breaking Dawn Part 2, me thinks these two will be flying solo more than ever before. They both have major talent and trust, they do not want to be forever known as Bella and Edward. Bottom line, Rob and Kris are mega relevant with or without the other, don't be fooled into thinking their relaysh is just for PR.

Dear Ted:  
What do you think about Justin Theroux giving us a tease of his manhood fur in New York magazine this week? Now I see why Jennifer Aniston has been glowing since she got with him! They should get married and make babies ASAP. Put those genes to good use!

Dear J&J Forever:
I'm in total agreement, A. That sexy twosome should put a bun in the oven. Like, stat.

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