Robert Pattinson, Twitter


Attention Tweeters, Twatters and @repliers! ‘Cause I'm got some breaking news.

And no, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart didn't break up (if that happened, all of Twitter would have crashed, what with the Krisbians and Nonstens creating a bloodbath far deadlier than anything The Hunger Games has to offer).

But now before you yell at me about Robsten, next time…

I've changed up my Twitter handle!

So you may now call me the gossip columnist formerly know as @theawfultruth, because I've got the flashy new name @Ted_Casablanca.

Yes, that's right: @Ted_Casablanca. Do not forget that underscore.

I'll still be dishing the same dirt via social media like nothing's ever changed—and don't fear, if you're already following me you don't even have to re-follow me, Twitter already worked that all out!

Just wanted to give you the heads up when you see @Ted_Casblanca appear on your time line. It's no imposter…well, unless someone starts talking smack about K.Stew. Then it means I have been hacked!

So hop over to Twitter and start shooting me messages on the name name. Any celebs I should be following? Any hilarious videos I need to be retweeting? Can't wait to hear from ya! 

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