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Breaking news: A life is hanging in the balance tonight on Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice!

OK, so that pretty much happens every week, but this time, it's a very cool crossover appearing on both shows, and the life hanging in the balance is none other than Erica (A.J. Langer), aka the mother of Cooper's (Paul Adelstein) child.

I hit the Grey's Anatomy set to chat up Langer and dreamiest little sister there ever was: Caterina Scorsone (Amelia Shepherd) for all the scoop on what goes down…

Patrick [Dempsey] was saying how much he loves the Private Practice crew. You might have to keep him.
Caterine Scorsone:
It's a pretty dope set to work on. We have a bit of a lovefest every day. It's one of those unusual environments where everybody is happy and laughing all the time.
A.J. Langer:
Really comfortable, you know, everybody always talking with each other—except for Taye Diggs.
Ugh, he is such a grumpy unattractive man. 

How is this crossover different?
One of the things that is fun is that it is not just me crossing over, there are a few castmembers from Private Practice jumping over to Seattle for this episode, so it has been a bit of a party.
It feels like a field trip.

What is Amelia doing in this episode?
CS: This is a neuro case that we're involved in, a seemingly hopeless case, and so Amelia is going at it with hammer and tongs and really trying to figure out a solution. And her brother [Dempsey] happens to be a brilliant world-class neurosurgeon and so she flies up to Seattle to get his input on the case.

Never a dull moment on the show
There is danger for anyone who walks onto these sets.

A.J., are you hoping to stick around on the show?
AJL: It has been really really great. I took some time off having babies and stuff and this is my first foray back in and…it's just a really comfortable place and really fun and I can't complain at all.
CS: We're very happy to have her, she's an awesome addition.

Caterina, is Amelia going to relapse with her addiction?
CS: I think there is always a possibility that someone who is an addict could relapse, there is always that lifelong disease, it's not something that's cured. [But] right now what's kind of beautiful is that she is reconnecting with her brother and reasserting herself as a surgeon and getting back involved in the thing that supersedes her love for drugs. And in the face of all this death that she has experienced, she has an opportunity as a surgeon to fight for life, and so I hope that her heart stays here.

A.J., were you worried about coming between a fan-favorite couple, CharCoop [Charlotte and Cooper] when you came on the show?
I'm a CharCoop fan! And as Erica I have a feeling that that is her instinct too, and the writing has followed suit as far as they do have such a strong connection. I don't feel like that's a place for Erica to go. At first it was kind of like. "Ooh what is going to happen here?!" And it's got to be hard for her and I'm sure those thoughts have gone through her mind. But as she got to know them they're just great people and the main thing for her is just finding somebody who is going to help with her son. And she is pretty stoked that they're such good people.

Will Erica survive? You will know before the night is over. And there are also some very touching moments between the two Shepherd siblings too. Aww!

Check out the Grey's Anatomy-Private Practice crossover tonight on ABC.

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