THE HUNGER GAMES, Jennifer Lawrence, Elizabeth Banks

Murray Close/Lionsgate

And The Games are over…kinda! The deadline to submit a photograph of your best Capitol Couture has officially ended (as of midnight Monday night). And, unlike the real Hunger Games, there wasn't a bloodbath involved.

And thus, we present to you judgmental—but oh-so-chic—Capitol citizens, the final installment of tributes:

And there's a bunch of ‘em! Thank Panem this isn't really a battle to the death or we'd have a lot of (nicely dressed) corpses on our hands!

Must admit, we were more than pleasantly surprised to see how many of you dedicated Tributes got yourself all dolled up for the contest. Heck, we think some of you fashionistas even out-Effie Trinket-ed Elizabeth Banks!

But—just like President Snow and his evil henchmen intended—there can only be one winner.

And that lucky person will attend The Hunger Games premiere on March 12 here in downtown Los Angeles—and get the chance to spot stars likes Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson.

We've got Effie's galore, versions of Katniss fighting it out in the arena and looking fab in fiery gowns, some dudes doing their best Peeta (freshly baked bread included!), more bedazzled, sequined, feathery Captiol-inspired clothing than you can imagine and even a doggie in full on futuristic fashion!.

To all of you, we say: Kudos, you look divine. And also: May the odds be ever in your favor.

Because next week, we start narrowing down the field of contenders. So in the meantime, get to clicking through the eligible H.G. fashions and tell us who you love and who just isn't making Panem's Best Dressed list.

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