Blind Vice Straight Sex

Ya know how there are those Vice stars that you just love to hate?

Well, Coco Bop-It isn't one of them. We actually just hate him. What with his cocky ‘tude and complete lack of respect for women—though he'll claim that's not at all the case, and merely a past problem. Well, apparently not…

Because Coco is still reigning as douchebag supreme.

Need proof? We'll give it to you twofold:

First, Coco was out on the town for those swanky Grammy afterparties this past weekend. Did we mention he's addicted to hipster parties? He is and he tends to actually get a decent amount of attention for his "craft."

But even more for his bad behavior. Especially when it involved chicks.

See, at this party—where the booze was flowing and babes came by the dozen—Coco (and his million-man posse) created their own VIP section in the back and his team made sure Coco had all the privacy he needed to do whatever it is that he does (actually, more on that in a sec).

Including manhandling a woman for taking a picture. One beefy member of his crew was so sure she was sneaking a pic of Coco that he shoved her, grabbed her camera and got in her face, calling her names and threatening her if she dared take another snapshot.

Funnily enough, if he'd just taken the time to look at the pic, he'd have seen it was a picture of the babe's friend. A close-up picture. But when she burst in to tears, Coco continued on with his night (for the record, he's all for this overly physical stance).

So what was Coco doing that was so secretive?

Cheating on his girlfriend. And not with a famous broad like some tabloids like to suspect from time to time. With some chickie with a low-cut neckline and high hemline that stayed inches from his crotch all night.

So, if you were wondering whether Coco ever changed, the answer is: Hell, no.

AND IT AIN'T: John Mayer, Adam Levine, Sean "Diddy" Combs

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