New Girl


Guest stars, romance and plot twists, oh my!

Prepare to be gifted with all three of these TV goodies on tonight's Valentine's Day episode of New Girl, which sees each of our main characters going on mostly disastrous, albeit hilarious, dates in honor of the most romantic holiday. If that's not enough for you to watch, here's one more reason: True Blood's Ryan Kwanten appears. And he uses his Australian accent. Boom.

We caught up with Hannah Simone aka TV's hottest BFF Cece to get to answers to some of our burning New Girl questions: will Cece ever give in to Schmidt's (Max Greenfield) relentless flirting? And what plot twist did Simone never see coming?

Simone tells us that the cast recently did ADR work for the big Valentine's Day episode and "we had to stop the session for a second because I was laughing so hard that I was in tears." In fact, the episode is so funny, Simone reveals it's her favorite episode of the series thus far. "I love those episodes where everyone in the cast has their own crazy storyline and they all merge together in this whole explosive situation."

While some people give out roses, chocolate and stuffed animals on Valentine's Day, New Girl decided to give its audience an outstanding line-up of guest stars. "We have Clark Duke, Stephen Amell, Lizzy Caplan and Ryan Kwanten," Simone dishes. "All of us are on individual dates and they all kind of get severely messed up and we all end up together."

Accompanying the laughs will be a big bombshell ending, a twist Simone admits she never saw coming. "It doesn't end up how you expect it to, there's a big twist at the end, which I never saw coming," she teases. "When I read the script, I had to literally stop and go over to Liz [Meriwether] and say, 'We're going there?! Cece's doing that?' and she's like, 'Oh yeah, and lots of it to come.' " Totally random, but why did our minds immediately go to a Cece-Nick (Jake M. Johnson) hook up after reading this?! Now that would truly be shocking, no?

Or perhaps Schmidt and Cece will finally have their day?

"What I'm so shocked about with the whole Cece-Schmidt thing is that Cece is being portrayed as this really cool, smart, worldly girl and he has been portrayed as the douchebag," she explains. "And yet all the tweets I get, all the fans that talk to me are all like "When is Cece going to hook up with Schmidt?" And I'm like, why do they want Cece to hook up with this self-professed douchebag?!"

Why? Um, have you seen Greenfield's washboard abs?! Just kidding, he's kind of awesome as Schmidt. "That is to the credit of Max Greenfield because he manages to play this character who is a super-douchebag as the most likeable guy on TV. He's such a great actor!"

While Simone acknowledges that fans "want Cece to connect with" Schmidt, she can't give viewers any glimmer of hope as she tells us "I don't know where it is going." Hmph!

New Girl airs tonight at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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