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Hope-ful love alert! On tonight's Raising Hope, Ashley Tisdale hits the scene as a (fake) love interest for Jimmy, and it just might be what Jimmy and Sabrina fans have been waiting a long time for.

Plus, is Tisdale setting her sights next on another Fox show: Glee?

We hit the set to get the scoop...

Tisdale, who plays Mary-Louise, a young woman pretending to be Jimmy's (Lucas Neff) girlfriend tonight, admits she's a "big fan" of Raising Hope, and jumped at the chance to make Jimmy's longtime crush Sabrina (Shannon Woodward) jealous. "Mary-Louise is definitely fun," Tisdale told us on set, "she's an actress. It's just always fun to play an actress because I am one, and then you get to do all of these weird things and she takes herself really seriously and it's a lot of fun."

Think High School Musical's Sharpay Evans with a little less sass and a lot more laughs. Mary-Louise can juggle, speak some Spanish and lead a pretty awesome conga-line.

Woodward, a friend of Tisdale for years, explains why Jimmy felt the need to for this deceit in the first place. "It turns out that my current boyfriend on the show, Wyatt (Ryan Doom) is a douchebag and Jimmy just kind of starts pointing that out inadvertently, though on purpose." One example: There is a delightful dinner scene where all of the waiters are actually actors waiting to make Jimmy look like the perfect man. Score!

Lucas Neff defends his alter-ego's sinister plan saying, "To be fair though, Jimmy sort of gets lassoed into it. He's like a Dr. Doom who has stumbled into this sinister plot to drive a wedge between Sabrina and Wyatt." And after a year and a half of waiting in the wings, we'd say it's about time.

So what about McKinley? Given her musical background, and the fact that she's been brought into the Fox fold, we asked if Ashley would ever guest star on Glee. "I get this question a lot," Tisdale laughs. "I'm a big fan of Glee and it's always so nice for someone to reach out and invite you to be a guest on the show, so if they wanted to have me, that'd be great!"

While we're secretly vying for Tisdale to play Rachel's equally spotlight-crazed cousin she tells us she's not too sure. "I don't know, I heard Zac [Efron] said that he wanted to play something crazy on the show." So perhaps she can play the straight-laced cousin of Emma Pilsbury? Oh, and in case you were curious, Efron has said that he'd be excited to play a serial killer on Glee. Time to cue up The Carver again, Ryan Murphy!


Watch our full interviews with the Raising Hope cast above for more scoop.

Who's rooting for Jimmy and Sabrina? Would you be down for a Tisdale trip to Glee? Send us your love notes in the comments below!

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