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Monday, May 21 is the date to mark on your Lupus Facts calendar, House fans. That is when the Hugh Laurie-led Fox drama will end its eight-season run.

To celebrate and perhaps help prepare for the end of House, we've complied a wish list of storylines (and people) we'd like to see between now and the series finale…

Cuddy Returns: We already told you that Lisa Edelstein will most likely not reprise her role as Dr. Lisa Cuddy, akathe only woman to ever tame House. But we can hold out some hope that we'll get one last scene between them before the end. After all, they can't leave on such a sour note, can they?

The Old Team Back Together: Look, we adore the likes of Olivia Wilde and Peter Jacobson, but what we really want before the very end is the old team of Foreman (Omar Epps), Chase (Jesse Spencer) and Cameron (Jennifer Morrison) coming together one last time to solve a medical mystery. We miss the three-punch of House mocking his original team with racial stereotypes, Aussie accents and subtle sexual comments. Those were the glory days of House.

Hugh Laurie, Robert Sean Leonard, House

Adam Taylor/FOX

Wilson and House Riding Off Into the Sunset: Even though House had a couple ladies he truly loved (Stacy, Cuddy, maybe even Cameron), we all know the most epic relationship was the bromance between Dr. Wilson (Robert Sean Leonard) and House. If anyone should end up together before the final credits roll, it's these two.

No Happy Ending for House: As much as we want House to be happy before it fades to black, it's not in his nature to change his ways or make decisions to benefit his life. So to suddenly have House giving up medicine and devoting himself to Doctors Without Borders is not an ending we'd be comfortable with. But we know David Shore, Greg Yaitanes & Co. will have a satisfying and true conclusion to House's story.

What say you? What do you want to see happen on House before or on the series finale?

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