What a difference a couple days can make.

Ryan Seacrest was able to talk to Whitney Houston's close friend Kelly Price on the red carpet before tonight's big awards show, and as Seacrest held her hand, the Grammy nominee fought back tears as she remembered the last moments spent with Houston and how Price heard the devastating news of Houston's death.

On Thursday night, Houston joined Price on stage during the latter's pre-Grammy concert.

As Price recounts: "I was having a pre-Grammy party for the nominations, I invited Whitney to come and graciously she accepted. We had a great time.

"She came out, she hung out, we partied, we celebrated, we danced. She stood up for three hours on the side of the stage and cheered and rooted as I sang and as everybody else sang.

"I wasn't expecting her to sing, I wasn't going to ask her to do that. I just simply acknowledged that she was in the building and told everyone about our relationship, our friendship, how she's encouraged me down through the years as far as my career goes, and she just walked up on the stage. We embraced each other and she said, 'Give me the mic.' So I gave her the microphone and she started to sing and I went and sang along with her."

And their impromptu duet on "Yes, Jesus Loves Me" turned out to be Houston's final performance.

Price said that singing with Houston was an "honor" and that she'd "always looked up to her." She also confessed that she had prayed Houston's death was an Internet hoax when the news broke Saturday.

"To realize that it wasn't, I don't even know how to explain it."

The R&B singer was at the Grammy gift suite when her manager grabbed her and told her, "We need to go," before taking her to the car and hearing the tragic news.

"We were supposed to meet up at Clive Davis' party last night," Price said as she fought back tears, adding that Houston would want the mood at the Grammys tonight to be "celebratory and to be about the music. She loved what she did."

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