Glee, Matthew Morrison, Jayma Mays

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Dear Ted:
The recent Wemma proposal on Glee got me thinking about Matthew Morrison. Does he have a Vice? If so, how juicy?

Dear Dirty:
Yes, and it's naughty enough to fully inform his character when he and Emma are doing what he can to take care of her virginity, which he's made plain he wants to get rid of. Hmmm, why's that, Matt? Getting bored playing somebody you're most definitely not?

Dear Ted:
You mentioned that Nina Dobrev was involved in Vicey business with Ian Somerhalder. Does this mean she's an earner herself of her own moniker? Or is she just a supporting character? Also, has Ian been Vicing long before his Vampire Diaries days?

Dear Bloody Bitchin:
In the order you asked: She's got a moniker but I'd hardly say she's the star; absolutely! (Why do you think we love him here at A.T. so?)

Dear Ted:
Read today's Vice and it's so sad. I've been there and who I suspect is Nevis Divine is one of my favorites. Is the expecting friend Barrington Bang-Me and the woman you called his beard? Is part of his sadness over it a change in that relationship because of the baby?

Dear Curious:
I adore Nevis Divine, too, ain't he the best? Not quite sure what you're hinting at, but, I will at least answer your question: No, the friend is not Barrington.

Dear Ted:
I absolutely love The Vampire Diaries. I am a huge fan of Nina, Ian and Paul. Please give me a hint as to what their Vices are! I would be eternally grateful! My dog, Nikko, would be grateful too :) I have been a fan of yours for about 10 years now and think you are wonderful!

Dear Bum-Kisser:
Why thank you, sweetheart! This is when I kinda hate calling the activities of some Hollywood stars Vices. As if there's anything wrong with piles and piles of libidinous, sweat-dripping hours of fun time between the sheets! All good, T, and nothing Nikko himself wouldn't be happy to do whenever he/she got in the mood (depending on whether he/she's fixed).

Dear Ted:
I just assumed that Cookie Muncher was Sookie, i.e. Anna Paquin. Yet the other guesses I've seen are no where near there. Have I made an ASS out of U and ME?

Dear Speak for Yourself:
Actually, neither of us, babe. Even though Anna's a pretty good guess (she's spoken about being bisexual), the real Cookie's made a career out of making us all think she's got nothin' but boys on the brain. Far from it!

Dear Ted:
Love you and have been reading you on and off since the Ally McBeal days with my fave Vicer RDJ! Lately I'm hooked daily with my morning cup of java. My question is this: I have read on not one, but two different sites that R.Pattz has hooked up with both Nikki and Ashley as well as K.Stew and with Ashley as recently as the Breaking Dawn press tour! One site even called this a solved Blind, like it was a definite thing. I have never heard anything of this from you except for the original hooking up of Nikki and RPatz. What say you, Ted, because you are the one I trust.

Dear All About Rob:
Not only is Ashley smart and gorgeous, she's got good vision. She saw what happened when things got testy between Rob and Nikki and Kristen. You really think Ashley wants to get in on that offscreen messiness? Think again. Besides, Ashley has absolutely no trouble whatsoever finding admirers literally every place else she turns. None.

Dear Ted:
Now that Rooney Mara, the principal suspect for Chuck Finger-Dinger, has been ruled out because of the boyfriend clue, can we make our way toward an actress who worked with Natalie Portman a few years ago?

Dear Assumptive:
The only thing I'll say is if you mean Mila Kunis you are also incorrect about that.

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